Candid Cliff Fletcher on Bill Watters Show


Anyone else just hear Cliff on with Wilbur?

“we will be signing another defenceman in the next day or so”

He then counted all his d- he left Kubina out of his count and McCabe

Wilbur called him on those ommisins and he said nothing

He then said they will likely sign 2 more forwards and perhaps trade for another…

prediction is that Kubina gets dealt and Wade Redden comes to Toronto


4 responses to “Candid Cliff Fletcher on Bill Watters Show

  1. Agree 100%….the d-man will be Redden or Mara. Avery and Williams will be the forwards.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    Cliff is doing a good job changing the look and feel of the club. Interesting to see how the media slams him tomorrow for overpaying for Finger…

  3. It was fantastic! Cliffy gave McCabe the boot! In regards to Finger, Uncle Wilbur just made a great point…. “he played 21+ minutes in the last 25 games of the season for the Avs,” This is when hockey gets down and dirty, the push for the playoffs. I am sure Ronny Wilson had some input as he came from the Western conference and got to see Finger play a little more.

  4. torontosportsmedia

    More to come on Finger and Cujo a tad later…Listening to Cliff made be believe more is coming soon. When he got on the air, Brady said to him “nice to talk to you, been a busy day i’m sure” and cliff said “and its about to get a lot busier!”

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