Who Pissed off Mats Sundin?

Face of a guy looking to make a decision?Face of a guy looking to make a decision?

Yikes, doesn’t look to happy here.  Has Berger or Simmons found him in the Alps.  Or perhaps he is pissed at having a “soft deadline”

Please someone tell what the hell a “soft deadline” is?


3 responses to “Who Pissed off Mats Sundin?

  1. He’s planning a wedding. Given that, he looks remarkably chipper.

  2. lol, well played DGB…

    and a soft deadline is not really a deadline at all. it’s just to keep us mother fuckers off his back.

  3. Jokes aside, the ‘soft’ deadline for Sundin is to determine whether or not he’ll be playing at all so when he does pick a team he’ll be in shape to go to camp. When he picks a team hasn’t been decided yet, but he will be announcing whether or not he’s retiring on Friday.

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