Mats Sundin Soft Deadline Day Arrives

Festivus used to be my favorite holiday of the year, from this day forth, August 1st should be renamed Soft Deadline Day.

I am in Detroit (Hockeytown) for about 24 hours and will be celebrating with the usual feats of strength, gathering around the pole and of course my airing of greivances…wait wait wait, that IS Festivus….

I will try to keep my eye on my blackberry to see if the anything has come from Sweden.

As an aside, while enroute tonight, I drove past the almost demolished Tiger Stadium. What a site to see, all that remains is a portion of the big jem. It was an awesome place to see a game, so much different then the new park here let alone Ted’s house.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe Soft Deadline Day


One response to “Mats Sundin Soft Deadline Day Arrives

  1. Apparently, Mats has not been working out and, has not organized skates for the nhl swedes as he usually does.

    Retirement or busy with wedding plans?

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