League Office Closed…McCabe day postponed

Good morning all from the honeymoon capital, Las…I mean Niagara Falls.

From todays Sun, the NHL office is closed today so no mandatory trade call so no trade.

Interesting notes from the Star and the trade of David Eckstein. According to Cathy Kelly, his offensive numbers match that of his career, his defensive play didn’t drop yet he didn’t play. Leaves you asking, if the guy did what his history said it would, why was he not used as we were told he would? Did someone not read the scouting reports? Either way good luck in Arizona to what sounds like one of the class acts in the game.


2 responses to “League Office Closed…McCabe day postponed

  1. Hey there,

    So assuming we’ll be hearing about the trade sometime today, I’m still eager to see what our new defence line-up is going to look like.

    Kubina – Kaberle
    Van Ryn – Coliacovo
    Finger – Frogren
    White (7th d)

    Honestly though, of course thare are many big IF’S here but:

    If Van Ryn bounces back from a poor 20 game season due to the wrist surgery…
    If Coliacove can avoid a major injury for a full season…
    If Finger can play up to his new contract…
    If Frogren can translate his hard nosed style from the European game to the NHL level…
    If Kaberle shoots the damn puck more…
    If Kubina really wants to become the next team captain…
    If Ron Wilson can finally teach these guys how to play responsibly…

    …then by all rights we might just have a decent, well rounded defence for next season!!!

    PS. 20 days and counting till Pre-Season boys!!!

  2. torontosportsmedia

    The call was supposed to be at 11am. So we should see the news shortly.

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