McCabe a Panther

Dealis done

McCabe and a 4th rounder in 2010 for
Van Ryn

No more no less

Vote for Cheek!


One response to “McCabe a Panther

  1. Glad to see nothing major changed other than the inclusion of the 4th rounder.

    A.B. on DaBuzz made a good point about Fletcher getting undervalue for Caber due to the lack of options he had available and JM holding all the cards to make it happen.

    I’m thankful it was only a 4th rounder as Jacques knows he was doing Fletcher a favour. Someone somewhere mentioned perhaps the pick was a ‘sorry for the Kilger trade’ to give something back considering how that swap worked out.

    Kudos to both GM’s for making this a relatively painless process considering how ugly it could have gotten. Even more props to McCabe for doing the right thing finally.

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