New Suitor For Mats Sundin

According to Tim Wharnsby at the globe, JP Barry says 2 teams have joined the fray…one is Tampa…how will they afford it??? Let’s just say that the answer to their marketing slogan will be “back in Junior Hockey”.

Globe isn’t saying it is happening…rather Tampa is on the list.

You can read the story at


2 responses to “New Suitor For Mats Sundin

  1. Honestly, I think that what Tampa is doing has gone way past ‘fixing’ their roster and is threading on rediculous at this point.

    They’re over the cap, they have like 20 forwards (they could ice 2 teams of forwards), they have arguably one of the weakest d-men in the league and our backed up by Mike Smith (unproven starter) and Kolzig (twilight of his career).

    Not too mention Lecalvier is coming off shoulder surgery and even he said he’s just trying to be ready for season start.

    My prediction is they finish 9-11th (out of the playoffs). Way too many middle men on board, no way all these guy gel together.

    Possible Season Changer : Perhaps Stamkos really does become the difference maker in his first year and if so anythings possible.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    But at least their owner will be wearing a cowboy hat 🙂

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