If the San Jose Sharks were a stock I would short it…

You all sitting down, the San Jose Sharks hired JFJ today. As a pro scout. He did such a great job evaluating talent for the leafs that he got himself a gig as a pro scout…. Seriously, this isn’t a joke.. Two words come to mind, Raycroft and Blake….. I had Sharks GM, Doug Wilson on my short list of potential Leaf GM candidates until I heard this. Speaking of my list, Darcy Reiger is now off the list as he signed an extension with the Sabres today.

Hey, how about them Argos, they are on a tear since Wilbur’s kid came on board…..

more in the am..


3 responses to “If the San Jose Sharks were a stock I would short it…

  1. JFJ’s scouting has been fine over the years, every time he’s been able to pick he’s made some decent choices. He relied too much on his NCAA contacts, and he was never a pro scout, he should be fine in SJ.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    His job as GM was to assess players at the NHL level. His track record as GM of the leafs speaks for itself. He will not be scouting junior or college kids, he will be scouting NHL players. If he were doing that for my team I would be scared.

  3. On the other hand, if he did it for a rival team I’d pawn off all my unwanted, slow, turnover-prone players on him. Heh, heh, heh …

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