Mark Bell Waived… Scehnn Starts Season Here

According to Cliff, Bell is the only one waived today. Also Cliff said ” Luke is going to start the season here.”


4 responses to “Mark Bell Waived… Scehnn Starts Season Here

  1. Well obviously Schenn is starting the season here. He can play 9 games without burning up that eligibility.

  2. Anyone surprised about Mark Bell?

    That article in the Star states that RW wasn’t a fan of Bell to start since his last run with the Sharks didn’t go well.

    I didn’t catch every pre-season game mind you but how many games did he play and was his performance that weak?

    I know Bell’s play certainly doesn’t justify his salary, but I was hoping maybe for a bounce back season from him. Obviously the coaches know more and if this frees up a spot for someone like Mitchell I think that is a good thing then.

    Did anyone catch him first hand, like at practice or game and have any insight?

  3. torontosportsmedia

    I only noticed him at the 1 game i attended which was the first game at home. He was invisible, at least to me…

  4. Invisible is the perfect way to describe him…too bad…he has size and looked liked player in Chicago…

    He’ll enjoy his $2.1m while playing on the Marlies than it’s off to Europe I guess.

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