Why we loathe Howard Berger

We Leaf Fans get grilled for going overboard. Hell, how many articles talked about a friggin parade route today already, as if…..

Get a load of this gem:

“The Leafs’ incessant forechecking was led by forward Dominic Moore, who is beginning to make a case for the vacant captaincy of the hockey club.”


Dominic Moore as captain????

What the hell is Howie Smoking? First he writes about Stajan, and how the leafs shouldn’t just give it to anyone, and with all due respect to Dominic Moore, come on….

The guy has only played in 225 NHL games and 4 playoff games. He played 38 games with the Leafs last year and 30 with the Minnesota Wild the year before that…..

Remember Howie’s post wrapping up the pre-season, how only Luke Schenn really impressed during training camp, no one else did…yet after 1 game Dominic Moore should be considered for Captain….

It’s the media who need a grasp on reality in this town, I think Leaf fans smell a rat (and I don’t mean the one at the Happy 7 Restaurant either!)


One response to “Why we loathe Howard Berger

  1. You’ve gone too far! I love Happy 7!!!!

    Berger needs a nickname like hanky – don’t want to see his name anymore.

    TSM readers – come up with a name for howie…

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