Kevin Allen Impressed With Luke Schenn

“Of the five first-round defenseman who made NHL rosters, Toronto’s Luke Schenn may be off to the best start.

He is averaging 18:51 minutes played in his first two games, and played more than 20 minutes against Montreal. He hasn’t behaved like a rookie, and may have been Toronto’s top defenseman in a 6-1 loss to the Canadians. Wilson even had him killing penalties, and Schenn was the only Toronto defenseman who wasn’t a minus-player. He hasn’t been on the ice for any even-strength goals in the first two games, and he has three shots on goal.

I was impressed with his poise and confidence when I watched him live last Thursday against Detroit”

I am a huge Kevin Allen fan, and I respect his opinion. Nice words about Luke indeed…

You can read Kevin here


One response to “Kevin Allen Impressed With Luke Schenn

  1. he is a great player

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