Dreger: Sundin Comes To Toronto

No news here, just curious does anyone care?

“Mats Sundin returned to Toronto today with no purpose other than to check in on a home he still owns in this city and to visit some of his old pals.

However, since any Sundin sighting is sure to qualify as news, let me be the first to say “Sundin returns.”
Barry remains confident Sundin will play again even though his client has never said that, so Barry will continue to push.

According to the agent, the perfect scenario would see Sundin expand his North American vacation from Toronto to a sunny climate, away from media scrutiny where he can focus on intensifying his training.”

Yawn, in other news, Canada held an election today


4 responses to “Dreger: Sundin Comes To Toronto

  1. Who cares about the election, Sundin’s home!!!!!1

  2. I know we’re all Dion to know what Sundin is going to do, but I think I can Conservatively say that a Minority of us don’t want him anymore.

  3. torontosportsmedia

    Tuche! Very well said!

  4. Sign with the Leafs just prior to the deadline,and let them broker the deal with whoever he wants to play with.It would be a win win

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