Big News In TSM Land

So, little TSM (who turns 6 on Friday) is about to start his first season playing hockey. Poppa TSM couldn’t be more proud. Today, we got the news that every father dreams of, he has a legit shot at being an NHLer…Come on, he’s 6, so by now I know right??!!

Little TSM is going to be coached this year by, in my mind anyway, the greatest skating Defenceman to play the game….

Paul Coffey

Paul Coffey

To say we are a tad excited at Casa TSM would be putting it mildly…


2 responses to “Big News In TSM Land

  1. Congrats Poppa TSM. That’s seriously exciting, for your son to be coached by Coffey. Maybe he can bring in Gretzky, or Jari Kurri, for a practice or something. Unreal. I wish I’d have been older when Gretz and the Oilers were dominating hockey. It would have been fun to watch.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    I am hoping for Semenko

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