Why Damien Cox Calls His Blog The Spin

He is the master at the spin….

Take a look at this from his blog today. Here is the question and the maestro’s response…

Question: “How bad does it look to have the league’s richest franchise well under the salary cap?
It’s been mentioned before that Sundin’s lack of a decision is the best thing that could happen for the Leafs. By keeping $7M in cap space open for his possible triumphant return, the rebuilding Leafs have a justification for saving cash by remaining well under the cap.”

Answer “t is interesting that the amount the Leafs are under the cap will nicely help pay for the cost of buying out Darcy Tucker and Andrew Raycroft, plus the cost of paying $2 million to Bryan McCabe before trading him to Florida. I guess the fair answer is that they don’t have a roster worth paying more than $48 million to, and it’s reasonable to assume that when the Leafs can put a better team on the ice, they’ll probably be a cap team again.”

Now, compare that gem with this from only a few short days ago…

“The Leafs, with Tanenbaum as the corporate face of the franchise, have made a big deal about buying out expensive veterans in recent months, suggesting it’s a large sacrifice but one that must be made, while at the same time making sure it’s all paid for by icing a team that will spend roughly $10 million less on the maximum allowed on player payrolls this season.“

Geez man, get your story straight…Which one is it…One day it’s ok that they aren’t spending to the cap, cause we know they are going to once they have the talent and reason to do so…the next, bash them for not doing it…

Get a load of this one too:

“As I argued at the time, the opportunity for the Leafs to emulate the Flyers really was last winter, but they were unwilling or unable to use the veteran assets they had to make futures deals like the one Philly swung to land Braydon Coburn”

Unwilling or unable??? big difference between those words my friend. Everyone has written about how Cliff was unable to trade the Muskoka 6, now it’s they were unwilling???? Give me a break…

Stu- Adrian, we need better writers here in TO. Paul Kelly, will another team in southern Ontario lead to better writers too?? Please

read the maestro here


4 responses to “Why Damien Cox Calls His Blog The Spin

  1. Keep up the good work! The Star should hire you to make sure that The Omen’s arguments are internally consistent.

  2. The funny thing is his his Q/A session this week was fairly easy on the Leafs – at one point he answers a question about comparing Clark to Neeley and acknowledges that Leafs fans would feel Clark was as good because that’s what being a fan is all about.

    I almost fell off my seat when I read that.

  3. Yeah! Me too. I think Cox’s editors snuck that one in.

  4. I was sort of hoping he had changed his meds (or upped the dose).

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