How Crazy is this thought

Just a thought, but I am thinking that trader cliff should put in a claim for Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty and send the village idiot packing. True, McCarty is not what he used to be, but at the very least he won’t embarrass the leafs night in and night out… I would prefer his reduced toughness to that of the village idiot…



4 responses to “How Crazy is this thought

  1. Excellent. Would love to see McCarty in a Leafs uniform. Or just in the dressing room and on the bench. He’s got the right spirit.

  2. I thought McCarty was the type of washed out veteran we were trying to stay away from here in Toronto?

    Why can’t Ondrus or Newbury come up to provide toughness and the occasional fight?

  3. torontosportsmedia

    eye… I am not suggesting giving McCarty a 3 year deal, with a no trade/ no movement clause. If we need toughness, it is better to have a guy who can be both smart and tough. McCarty is a quality guy with many a ring who could be a good leader to some of these younger guys. Certainly better then the village idiot.

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