Wilson Gives Tlusty The Finger…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. In any event. It was only yesterday that a few media darlings where asking why or how Ron Wilson can continually punish only the veterans when guys like Jiri Tlusty have been equally as bad in some games. Well the media will got it’s wish with Jeff Finger coming off the injured list and being activated for tonight’s game vs. the Sens, Wilson and or Fletcher sent Tlusty across town to the Ricoh centre to play for the Marlies….

Interested to see how many minutes Finger gets and what Tlusty does in the minors. Here is hoping Killer can help him out.


2 responses to “Wilson Gives Tlusty The Finger…

  1. It’s too bad about Tlusty. Once in a while he’d show a little burst of speed or a creative move or two but nothing that ever lasted or turned into anything productive.

    Hopefully he’ll earn his stripes again after a stint with the Marlies. He needs to get that hunger back for the net and for fighting a lot more in games to make things happen.

    Glad to see Wilson is spreading the blame across the board.

    Anyone got any bets on which of our 10 defencemen gets moved anytime soon? No way we can keep bringing them in and out of games for more than a few more weeks before something gives. I mean as much as they are trained to be ‘game ready’ at all times, I have to believe it’s tough to get a groove going when you constantly jump from pressbox to game and back.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    welcome back Nealiio…been worried about you

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