Add Barry Melrose To The Idiot List

“He doesn’t have a point yet, so all of Canada is in an uproar,” Lightning coach Barry Melrose said. “But every game he’s getting better. He’s playing well in his own end, and he’s getting his chances. Steven will be fine, and people just need to relax. He’s 18 years old, and as soon as the first one goes in he’ll start scoring consistently. I have no doubt about that.”

Don’t know anyone who is in an uproar over Steven Stamkos. The only roar I am hearing is the laughter at the Lightning early season performance under Melrose. A brutal player (especially with the buds) an average coach and even worse a poor man’s Don Cherry on TV…Melrose should worry about what the fans in Tampa think and not those of us up here. We aren’t the ones who are, or aren’t going to buy tickets to bolts games.

As for Melrose’s predictions, lets hope Stamkos is going to be “fine”. When was the last #1 overall pick who was a bust?


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