Quote from the other side

“”(The Leafs) came out really hard. They’re as quick a team as we’ve played, very tenacious and strong on the puck,” Hartsburg said”

All the things Wilson and Fltecher promised. One game does not a season make…but a good sign nonetheless


One response to “Quote from the other side

  1. If they can keep up this kind of effort there is no reason to believe this team can’t continue to get better as the season progresses.

    I’ve noticed Hollweg has taken the edge off a bit but I think in return this could see his ice time drop even more. Not that his previous ‘edge’ was a real good thing anyways with the whole boarding fiascos. But he did hit a lot and was more or less a pest outside of those incidents. I’m convinced that Wilson is throwing him back out there because Fletcher was so happy about bringing him over from the Rangers and wants to help Fletch to save face somewhat.

    Is it just me or does Ponikarovsky finally seem like he might be ready to have a ‘break-out’ season or should I put the peace pipe back down? Although I really wish he would stop taking those random hooking penalties which he keeps getting caught for, that would help as well. If Wilson can keep him fired up and stick to his game plan I think he could be up for 40-50 points. And I am lovin’ Antropov right now as well. He keeps looking more and more like he really wants the puck and is always trying to make something happen.

    And finally, Mike Van Ryn has already won me over and I am thankful he is back there instead of McCabe. I know he got flubbed for that last play at the end of the game when the Sens scored the 2nd goal but you can tell he was pissed at himself and I think he is just going to keep getting better.

    All in all, 8 games in I’m pleasantly surprised by our team. I have to believe RW is a big part of why this team is going to be good again maybe sooner than we think.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t have any expectations nor am I planning a parade route. I’m just happy this team is trying a lot harder and seems to be working together for a change. Maybe the Country Club atmosphere has finally run its course…

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