Getting Serious With Happy Howie

I have a new favorite website. It used to be mccabe sucks. It has now been replaced by:

Sign up, pass it along to friends and colleagues….


3 responses to “Getting Serious With Happy Howie

  1. Great idea!!

    Anyway we could sneak the link onto the comments section on his blog on Hockeybuzz??

    Two thoughts: I think the text should make it clear to Milman that it is Howard’s continuing denigration of the fans on his blog that is the problem.

    Also I don’t think just anyone should be able to view the signatures.

    Now can we get a real critical mass of signatures on this thing?

  2. torontosportsmedia

    Interesting thoughts, lets talk offline…

  3. OK I’ll be at the game tonight. Meet me there.


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