Jays trying to deal Overbay?

Reports out of Seattle are that the Blue Jays have shown a willingness to trade first baseman Lyle Overbay — a native of Centralia, Wash. — to the Mariners. According to the Seattle Times, Toronto is even willing to pick up some of the $14 million Overbay is owed through 2010.

The Tacoma News-Tribune has reported that the Blue Jays have been met with a “decided lack of enthusiasm” from Seattle. It’s been rumored that Overbay was part of the package that Toronto tried to use to acquire outfielder Raul Ibanez prior to the July 31 Trade Deadline this past season. Ibanez is a free agent this winter.

The Blue Jays are trying to upgrade their offense this winter and first base is an area that the club can address. Since having his right hand broken by a pitch midway through the 2007 season, Overbay’s offensive numbers, especially his power production, have declined. Toronto acquired Overbay in a five-player trade with the Brewers prior to the ’06 season.

The Blue Jays have also been rumored to be in on possible trade talks with the Padres for shortstop Khalil Greene. Without an excess of cash to spend this winter, Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi has made it known that the club does plan on exploring the trade market in an attempt to meet some of its offseason goals.

–Jordan Bastian



3 responses to “Jays trying to deal Overbay?

  1. If we can get a bat – the dream scenario being Manny Ramirez – then I’m all for trading Overbay. Lind moves to first, the outfield is Wells, Rios and Snider, and Man Ram as the DH. Same scenario if we get someone like Ibanez.

    That being said, I don’t mind keeping Overbay. The guy had the best OBP on the team last season, and he’s a patient hitter who consistently works pitchers for walks. You can never have too many of those guys on your team.

    If the Jays don’t add a bat during the off-season, I say we keep Lyle. He stays at first, Snider, Wells and Rios in the outfield, with Lind DHing.

    Should be an interesting off-season. Now that AJ has opted out, the best rotation in the AL is officially in shambles.

  2. 2009 OF wells, rios, lind,
    2009 1b snider

    get what we can for overbay. would be hilarious if we got some of that “awesome” mariners pitching in return…. oh, that JP.

  3. @ woodpeck: “That JP” put together the finest rotation and bullpen Toronto has ever seen.

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