Schenn(Calder?) and Burke(2 the Habs?) in the Boston Globe

Two interesting quotes from today’s Boston Globe:

“Brian Burke’s stepping down as general manager in Anaheim was abrupt but not unexpected. Look for the ex-Boston agent to get into serious talks in Toronto this week about taking over the Leafs. If there is a hiccup (read: money too light), watch for either the Blackhawks or Senators to get after him. Total dark horse: Habs.”

Habs? Habs? Habs?? I have heard lots of dark horses, but the Habs???? That would shock the hell out of me.

“My early candidates for Rookie of the Year: Forwards Derick Brassard (Columbus) and Kris Versteeg (Chicago), and defensemen Drew Doughty (Los Angeles) and Luke Schenn (Toronto). All except Versteeg were first-rounders.”

Kevin Paul Dupont seems more impressed with Luke then most of the Toronto Sports Media is, are any of you surprised by that????

Read Kevin here

One response to “Schenn(Calder?) and Burke(2 the Habs?) in the Boston Globe

  1. I’d put Versteeg and Brassard WAY ahead of Schenn for the Calder. Frankly, I don’t think he’ll even be involved in the decision near the end. Schenn hasn’t been spectacular. Brassard and Versteeg have.

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