Poll of the Day- Andre Deveaux Jeresey Number

The Maple Leafs have called up Andre Deveaux.

I am not sure what I love more about this guy, the fact that he plays hockey and calls the Bahamas home or the fact that he wears #13. As LT pointed out, this is not so dissimilar to John Kordic wearing #27 upon his Maple Leaf Debut….This of course begs the following question:


10 responses to “Poll of the Day- Andre Deveaux Jeresey Number

  1. The “No” description shouldn’t be “Sundin May Return” it should be “Out of Respect.”

    Deveaux isn’t stupid enough to don the number of the Leafs’ former captain and highest scorer.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    Changed for you Eye….and LT who oddly enough said the exact same thing…hmmm

  3. Sorry, we are not one in the same…I only wish i had scooped that license plate…Way to go eyebleaf – we are on the same page!

    BTW, I do have a Leafs logo plate 🙂

  4. torontosportsmedia

    yeah well, color me suspicious, at the exact same time Eye was posting LT was imming me…..

  5. That is weird. ‘Cause here I am thinking it should say No “out of respect for the Captain who will return”.

  6. The perspective of these last 4 decades will be interesting.Imagine(we can always dream) 6 cup winners spread over the 2010’s and 20’s.I expect some will wonder “what were we thinkin” in regards to the numbers hoisted above with the names(Clarke,Gilmour,Sittler,Salming)when there will be multi cup winning players to decide on hoisting.I loved all these guys,but these decisions are emotion based,not achievement based.Name condos after these guys,but leave the rafters and retired numbers to those who reach the prize,if and when it ever becomes a reality.

  7. torontosportsmedia

    Love the attitude Guy!

  8. Wow, that is strange. Right at the same time, eh TSM?

    LT, way to go buddy. Great minds think alike. And, yes, that license plate is my most creative moment in life.

  9. torontosportsmedia

    To what do you disagree?

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