A Thanksgiving Video

Enjoy, in case you haven’t seen it:


7 responses to “A Thanksgiving Video

  1. That is priceless. This should keep Tina Fey on SNL for another week.

  2. That is something special alright…

    My God In Heaven…and to think, she almost could have become president of the USA if McCain had have won and something happened to him (which from what I read he was likely not to have even made it through his term alive due to health, age etc.).

    Hey, at least up here we’ve got our own male comedy version prospective wannabe ‘leader’ up here in Canada: Stephane Dion!!! Anyone seen that infamous interview clip he did just before the election? LMAO

    You should put that one up TSM, it’s priceless too! 🙂

  3. torontosportsmedia

    email it to me Nealio- leafsr1@hotmail.com

  4. I just sent you all the links! And I got to watch them all again….lol

    I know it’s a tad old news story now but still pretty funny 🙂

  5. torontosportsmedia

    Really??? I think he is entertaining as hell, who cares about his politics…

  6. Damien is entertaining – and I don’t care about his politics.

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