Daren dreger ” deal not signed”

According to Darren Dreger, the deal hasn’t been signed. This is entirely contrary to a story in the Sun by Steve Simmons which says that Burke signed the deal today in Boston.

Whom do you believe???


5 responses to “Daren dreger ” deal not signed”

  1. Technically they’re both right.He signed the contract,left it on the dinner table,spilled cranberry sauce on his signiture(thus nulifying the contract,section 4 article 5) He is now awaiting a new unblemished contract to arrive

  2. This is retarded. Who is gonna break the story first once it’s actually and irrefutaby official?!? WHO CARES!!

    It’s funny, a couple guys at work actually sounded surprised to hear about him taking over shortly and I was like “what rock have you been living under?” – this news is OLD.

    From the fanfare you’d think the good Lord himself is taking over the team, riding down from the skies of heaven in his chariot, flames shooting out of the horses nostrils while people clamber to get a glimpse.

    Oh and don’t try to sell me that Burke is bigger than the man upstairs now…although I suppose if he ever brings a cup to Toronto he just might become that here in the center of the hockey universe.

  3. torontosportsmedia

    I am going to post on this, he has vs he hasn’t shortly….

  4. I’m with you Nealio,I’m Burke’d out and he hasn’t even finished his pumpkin pie.

    One thing to consider is the burnout factor,6 years is a long time,if he doesn’t deliver it could get ugly

  5. torontosportsmedia

    New post is up. Remember Guy, the way around 6 years is money, he can be fired at any time…..just need to pay him off

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