Brian Burke Finally Done? For Real

Ok….I am now almost willing to say that it is done…. The NHL’s NHL Director of Corporate Communications has posted on his twitter account the following Tweet “NHL brian burke new leafs GM” that is as close to a legitimate source as I need. I guess all I had to do was ask….

5 responses to “Brian Burke Finally Done? For Real

  1. still no announced press conf……are they planning on having him burst from a cake

  2. I stand corrected,2pm press conf Saturday
    that is really gonna mess with my 12 noon pedicure

  3. torontosportsmedia

    LOL… How or why would they do it at 2??? Do you think the league wouldn’t let them do it at 645 or 7? I mean 2????????????

  4. ya got me,the leaf site says 2

  5. Yeah it’s finally done… only one more Toronto circus left to keep us “entertained”.

    I was actually hoping that Burke wouldn’t get his wish and would have ended up somewhere other than toronto.

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