E.J. Hradek Calls Out Mats Sundin

I, am sure none of your are surprised, am in total agreement with everything written here as ESPN’s Senior Hockey writer included Sundin on his list of this years Turkeys:

“The big Swede is/was a terrific player and I’d love to see him come back and play. But, I’m a little confused. At last season’s trade deadline, he said he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause because he didn’t believe in the idea of joining a team for just the stretch run. He went a step further, talking about the “entire journey” that means “October through June.” I guess he’s changed his mind about that. He’s certainly entitled to change his mind, but I think hockey fans (and writers) are entitled to get tired of waiting for him to make a decision. Sundin’s agent, J.P. Barry, says there are a dozen teams interested in his client. I believe that. I also believe Sundin only wants to go to two or three cities. I figure New York and Montreal remain at the top of his list, if he ever decides to come back. I guess time will tell. I guess …”

It is J.P Barry’s job to drum up interest in his client. i am convinced that every time we hear a peep about Sundin it is his agent trying to keep his client’s name alive….


9 responses to “E.J. Hradek Calls Out Mats Sundin

  1. The fun sideshow to all of this,is both the leafs and Sundin playing chicken in the “who left who” game.Sundin should call their bluff and take the fictitional 7 mil

  2. LMAO Right on Eggbert! That’s exactly how I am starting to see it too. It is so “the who left who” game. 😀

  3. It’s a farce,if Sundin was smart he would have let the buds peddle his tush at the deadline for a future.His legacy of “taking one for the team” would have been preserved(tearful farewell press conf and all)and he would have had a shot at the very same thing he’s looking at now.As it stands now,his devotion looks more like a case of last years deadline refusal being an act of selfishness.The leafs are playing it smart,they can wait him out.

  4. Sundin changed his mind. For the love of God, deal with it.

    I’m hoping he signs elsewhere. The fickle fans in Toronto don’t deserve him.

  5. This story is getting really stale…

    He changed his mind, he lied about being with a team from start to finish was the most important thing, he can’t decide if he wants to play or not, blah blah blah…it’s all just tiresome non-news really.

    As stated, he owes no-one anything, sure people can be upset about his supposed loyalties and all that crap but at the end of the day no one but Mats can care more about what Mats does.

    Personally, I still think he’s done playing hockey and like what TSM alluded to as well that his agent is just drumming up interest to keep other GM’s calling in hopes that Sundin signs somewhere so that his agent can get his cut of the paycheck.

    At the end of the day, does what anyone thinks about this situation mean little more than people’s opinion, which just like Assholes everyone of us has one.

  6. “Sundin changed his mind. For the love of God, deal with it.”

    So did I. I used to respect him as a player and a person. If he can change his mind, I can too.

  7. I probably wouldn’t of minded if Sundin signed with someone else in the off season but what he is planing on doing – joining a team and wouldn’t be ready until January, I do have an issue with just because of his steadfast belief against becoming a rental player.

    I am a Leafs fan and that doesn’t mean I am a fan of players but instead just the Blue+White not the simple men that wear it.

  8. torontosportsmedia

    DGB- That’s gold Jerry, Pure Gold!
    Puck- I have to take what he has said at face value, he is unsure he wants to play he is training (but apparently not skating) to see if he has it in him to play- everything we here is noise created by the press and his agent. The worst thing for his agent is if Mats becomes irrelevant….

  9. If Sundin had not put forth his purity of the journey with a team theory,I wouldn’t be so cynical.

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