All Plaxico Burress- NFL Player shoots himself

Not sure how many of you heard about this. NFL player Plaxico Burress was at a club this past weekend when he accidently shot himself. That is right, he was at a nightclub when he shot himself. So we are clear, this married athtlete with kids was in a nightclub with a loaded weapon and then shot himself.

Wouldn’t we like to believe that the guy is smart enough to know that any place he goes where he has to bring a gun is a place he probably shouldn’t be going. So I don’t seem as anti-gun as I am, allow me to make this clear:

He has a right to own a gun
He has a right to protect himself at his home
He can carry a gun while out as long as he has the right permit
Why he is in a place where he feels he needs a gun is one thing
Why he is in a place where he feels needs a loaded gun is quite another
Why he is carrying a loaded gun is another thing

According to keyshawn johnson, current broadcaster, former nfl player, at least 50% of NFL players carry guns.

As Dan Patrick said this am, if I feel that I have to carry a loaded gun to my Applebys then maybe, just maybe I am choosing to go to a different Applebys.

Classic in ever sense of the world.

I say once again, and I know I shouldn’t generalize, however, IN GENERAL there is no dumber being on this planet then the professional athlete…..


6 responses to “All Plaxico Burress- NFL Player shoots himself

  1. Public figures may feel as though they need more protection than us anonymous schmucks.

  2. torontosportsmedia

    tiki barber was just on with Dan Patrick and said he had private security with him all the time. Seems to me a guy like Plaxico could afford the same no?

  3. It’s not the first time,imagine how this guy felt

  4. torontosportsmedia

    Classic- I love that he didn’t stop teaching!

  5. And to add insult to injury, there’s a good chance that Burress will see jail time for accidentally shooting himself because of his lack of New York state gun permit.

  6. Come on man, we all Football Fans) look forward to seeing you play (Whenever they sow your team) and yyou reward us like this? What about your family man? You were my favorite player but now I- I’m not so sure. Thanks for setting such a great example for the world to see.

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