Kings/ Maple Leafs Tilt Recap

Funny how the kill on the last penalty seemed to turn the tides of the game. The Kings really took it to the Buds but couldn’t score… That resulted in a sudden shot of confidence in the buds. Early in the 3rd, Stajan scored on the PP to tie the game at 1 and then moments later Mikhail Grabovsky scored to put the buds up 2-1 also on a PP. Interesting stat of the game so far to me anyway, with about 9 minutes to go Ian White leads all Leafs in ice time at just over 20 minutes…what a difference a few weeks makes to a career…. With about 8 minutes to go, Hagman tried to give the game away, but for a great save he would have succeeded. Then Finger dropped a guy in front of the net, taking a cross checking penalty. Say you want about Finger, but hand it to him (sorry) he has been very steady. Ron Wilson rewarded Jason Blake with some extra PK time and man did Blake pay him back with some steady play. Finger had a breakaway coming out of the box and made a hell of a move to get around the goalie before running out of runway….Wow- with Nikolai Kumelin and Mikhail Grabovsky on in the last minute
Jeff Finger buried an empty netter to give the Buds a 3-1 lead.

Big road win behind a huge effort by Toskala and the d- core especially on the penalty kill…


4 responses to “Kings/ Maple Leafs Tilt Recap

  1. I usually hold my breath during the last minute of play when the Leafs are only up by one.

    Last night I was holding my breath and watching the TV through my fingers: Grabs, Blake, Kulemin, Finger and Kaberle – what an odd group of players to have on the ice with a minute to go. Somehow it worked…

  2. torontosportsmedia

    You almost have to hope he has a plan…

  3. The audacity of hope.

    I LOVE great penalty killing and solid goaltending. The last 3 games, that’s the type of hockey I want to see.

  4. Man, knowing that there was an empty net on the other side made me confident. The Leafs seem to be able to break out into the other end so damn well. Are there stats on their empty net %?

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