Breaking News:

Words I never thought I would ever hear, SALE AT THE LCBO

Wholly shit, booze is on sale in Ontario. For those of you who don’t live in Ontario, you can only buy liquor and wine(most wines anyway) from a government owned store called the LCBO (or Beer Store). Anyways, in the most clear sign of a struggling economy the LCBO has announced a cut in the price of some expensive brands of booze. Neither sports nor media related, this is however ground breaking for us here in the great white north….and a boon for my annual festivus party!

Here is the story


3 responses to “Breaking News:

  1. thanks for this. i’m going shopping right now!

  2. Jolanta Kowalski

    Hi …

    I work for the LCBO and wanted to correct a couple of errors in the Toronto Star article you link too about the LCBO sales. The VINTAGES sale actually starts on Monday December 8 not Saturday December 6 and also there won’t be any internet ordering for the discounted products.

    Jolanta Kowalski
    Sr Communications Consultant

  3. torontosportsmedia

    WAIT A MINUTE…. Jolanta, tomorrow night is my annual Festivus party, the sale NEEDS to start tomorrow. Can’t you help me and the TSM elf’s out?

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