Simmons on Sundin-Sorry Eye

Gotta say the man is right:

“If Mats Sundin comes back to play this season, assume this much: Nothing he ever says can be believed again. Last February, he refused to be traded because he didn’t want to be a rent a player. He needed, he said, to be part of the process from the beginning. At the end of the season, he was asked about coming back for half an NHL season, as did Scott Niedermayer or Teemu Selanne. He said he would never do that. So if he comes back in January, as many assume, guess what? He becomes a rent-a-player and he comes back for half a season”

I said it back then and I Howied it all season, Mats Sundin never should have used this as his reason not to waive his Ntc. He didn’t have to then and he will hear about for a long time should he finally decide to play hockey again. The press has always been pretty good to this guy. Damien even said he’s always known Mats to be truthful. Whether Eye likes it or not he will be painted a liar when some will say “so he changed his mind”


2 responses to “Simmons on Sundin-Sorry Eye

  1. I’ve basically said the same thing,our angel has lost his wings

  2. No need to apologize to me. I’m at peace with Sundin and his decisions/indecision.

    How the book closed on his Toronto tenure was most unfortunate. The shitty ending won’t, however, tarnish just how amazing the rest of the book was.

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