TSM Uninjured In First Snowblower Experience

I know based on several emails that some of you were concerned for my personal safety as I fired up the snowblower this am. I am happy to report that I didn’t pull a Joe Sakic and am fine. I tried to tell Mrs. TSM that I pulled a groin but that didn’t get me too far.

5 responses to “TSM Uninjured In First Snowblower Experience

  1. Attaboy!

    At least you can use a snowblower…out here on the East Coast you either know someone with a plow or you simply don’t get out of your driveway. Doesn’t help that my driveway from my house to the road is some 300 feet long mind you…lol

    You taking any time off for the Holidays TSM? I know this site is more pleasure than business but just curious. 🙂

  2. We live about 25 minutes East of Moncton actually. We hit Moncton once every couple months for some shopping stuff we can’t get locally.

    Winters are some fun out here though! 🙂

    Our next big snow fall I’ll send you some pics.

  3. And to think you only live a few blocks away and didn’t drop by at 7AM to clear my drive and porch…honestly.

  4. torontosportsmedia


    Sorry, the new WordPress isn’t great at showing me full comments so I missed your question. I am indeed taking some time off. My “neighbor” LT is going to help cover for me while I am away. I am taking the TSM family on a Caribbean Cruise that leaves on Saturday from Miami.

    I know all about that area(Moncton) I spent a week there one night 🙂 . I did a lot of work in a call center there for about 3 years.

    7 am LT?? I was still sleeping! Sorry

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