sundin a Canuck

Details to follow…ooops to mccown


8 responses to “sundin a Canuck

  1. Well finally, my Lord is it really true?! I’m almost afraid to believe it and then a bunch of crap come out saying ‘hold on, Rangers are still in it, or Montreal or Toronto or ….

    Poor Hanky was really hoping for Rangers I think….HA, good, glad he can’t call this one too although he probably will since he had Sundin going to 20 teams anyways.

    And I am slightly more pleased that he did end up with Vancouver after all rather than the Rangers.

    At least it’s one less arena he won’t get booed in Canada.

    Guess money does matter to ol Baldy after all eh? Or perhaps more to his agent more likely.

    What a friggin’ relief…it’s finally over and we can all move on with our lives.

  2. Poor Kyle Wellwood just dropped waayyy down on the depth chart.

  3. I wonder if the building backlash had anything to do with his choice.If the Canucks go far(and are the lone Canadian team left) Sundin can revive his support………naw,he found out the Rangers couldn’t afford him,he followed the money

  4. If McCown is going to insist on being a “journalist” instead of just a talking head he might want to think about getting some new sources because his current sources don’t seem to be very reliable.

  5. Are there fjords in Vancouver?
    that might have been the clincher

  6. torontosportsmedia

    great comments folks….Post coming

  7. I wonder if Hanky’s E4 or E5 are just error messages from his cell phone and when he gets a text from one of his “sources” he thinks that its a given that a player is going somewhere. EiEiOOOOO

  8. So basically, when they say he finally chose Vancouver, is it really his choice or was it his last option?

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