Here in Fla

Been a long day folks….

Got picked up at 445am.

Somehow made it to newark where we sat on the runway for 2 hours waiting to get de-iced.

I did not see the star or globe today, but I thought the sun and post coverage were pitiful…

Oh well…time for a quick bite and early to bed the little tsm’s were awesome today and haven’t napped


4 responses to “Here in Fla

  1. Sundin doesn’t have a NTC with the Nucks,I wonder when they start shopping him 😉

  2. Schenn for Mats?

  3. The Nucks might get scared off by Shenn’s bum knee,if we add a 2nd rounder it might get done

  4. torontosportsmedia

    Classic. The best part of the sundin story to me is that he still would have come back but burke said no.

    If burke is still in anaheim, is Sundin a leaf? Could Cliff say no to mats?? I would bet on the anwer being no!

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