….it’s getting tired already.


It’s only 7:00PM and I’m already sick of the Mats going to Vancouver talk….The same questions over and over…Let’s just hope after tonight the talk will die down…oh wait, there will be his debut next week… The mystery of which game will be his first will be great…everyone predicting tonights the night….

I’m so glad that I won’t be watchin’ Hot Stove tonight…Strachan will undoubtedly come up with something that would make my stomach turn.


2 responses to “….it’s getting tired already.

  1. Wouldn’t you still prefer to take the ‘Mats now in Vancouver’ talk though over the ‘What/When is Mats going to decide what he’s going to do’ talk? I mean that whole saga was beyond stale, beyond rediculous, beyond nauseating…

    I’m still pretty impressed with Burke saying no to Mats and I agree with your earlier comment wondering wether Fletcher could have said no. I think based on what Fletch had been saying all along, that he would have welcomed Mats back with open arms says it all. Plus Fletcher doesn’t seem like a guy who goes back on his word very often. In fact I’d argue he’s been one of the most open and honest GM’s that I can remember in a long time running our organization.

    Let’s all just hope Burke continues that trend…

  2. A long term deal should give Burke the room to continue with the trend….We’ve all blasted MLSE in the past but going out and getting a guy like Burke and giving him a long term deal says a lot.

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