Quinn to Ottawa?? Golden Chance

Back in the saddle folks…hats off to LT for filling in. Will post more about my trip later.

On westjet this am I caught Sens coach Craig hartsburg being interviewed, man is he toast! You could see it in the guys eyes.

I gotta believe if Pat Quinn leads the juniors to gold Eugene is going be calling Pat’s number. I believe that Quinn will be coaching the sens if not coaching/gmming in the not so distant future. All PQ has to do I’d bring home the gold.

4 responses to “Quinn to Ottawa?? Golden Chance

  1. He also has to say yes to the job. Do you think he wants it?

  2. I’m getting this vibe too. The way Melnyk was cuddling up to him on the bench after the first game was almost embarassing. I say Quinn is coach/GM by Jan. 31.

  3. torontosportsmedia

    My bet is that PQ is head coach right after the tourney. Then they will fire BM after the season and what a surprise, PQ will be “forced” to take on both jobs to protect himself. Sound familiar???? Mike Smith you out there????

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