On Trading Sean Avery

Spoke to Neil Smith this am about this, from a logistics perspective only. So the Stars could waive Avery, he would clear. They would then recall him. Assuming the Leafs were able to get him on a claim, his salary would go down to about 2 million. The Leafs would then trade Blake to Dallas for a 2nd round pick.

Leafs dump Blake, and his $, get avery at a decent discount and a 2nd round pick


6 responses to “On Trading Sean Avery

  1. How would a buyout work? Do the teams split the payout or does it become the Leafs entire responsibility?

    • torontosportsmedia

      No, again according to Neil, both teams, in this case Toronto and Dallas would be equally on the hook for the buyout.

  2. I like it but would prefer Avery rot in the ECHL or somewhere comparable than getting a buyout.

  3. Based on what I’ve heard about this guy…I wouldn’t touch him right now. He may work on a team that has a lot of respected Vet leaders that would keep him in his place/in line….That’s not the Leafs right now. Perhaps Wilson could do it but why would we want Wilson working on that project when there is more important work to be done?

  4. Avery is the last player a team looking to create a new environment needs.The leafs are trying to create a new structure and disipline,why would they want a loose cannon on board?

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