Politically Incorrect Toronto Sports Media- Watters Offside

Once again a member of the Toronto Sports Media has crossed the decency lines….In the past segment on the NFL, Bill Watter’s referred to an NFL player as a “gook”. Don’t shoot the messenger, as it is not me using the word.

What is it about guys on the radio between 4-7pm in this city?

Will someone please tell Mr. Watter’s that the word he is using is derogatory and really demeaning. He broadcasts in a fairly multi-cultural city with a large asian community. I can’t imagine any of sponsors would like to be affiliated with someone using a slur.

10 responses to “Politically Incorrect Toronto Sports Media- Watters Offside

  1. hmmm,what was the context?

    • torontosportsmedia

      It wasn’t meant in a derogatory way, which is almost worse. He is an “ignorant bigot” , using slurs without “knowing” it.

  2. Maybe you should confront him about this issue the next time you call in to his show………….that would be better than another shameless attempt to promote your blog on the air……………….even your pal Mr. Brady seemed a bit miffed by your call today.

  3. Let’s see…………..a guy calls a radio program mainly so he can self-promote his blog on the air………….once the hosts figure out what he is up to they do their best to cut short the call and get him off the air as soon as possible…………sounds like a case of “miffed” to me……………if they felt it necessary to chuckle at an anti-Senators comment it’s probably because everyone who works at the Home of the Leafs is required by law to do so.

    • torontosportsmedia

      Thanks for your continued patronage Mike. At least the folks who read this from the “home of the leaf” know there are 2 people listening! Unfortunately your take on history is a tad skewed. You see, Brady asked people to call in and express their feelings as the leafs rise over the Senators only to see the Senators pick in the ahead of the leafs, say in the top 2 positions. Back here on earth, I called in and expressed (after the shameless plug of course) that I was happy with the leafs losing every game this year so long as they beat the sens when they played each other. Now, in your world, let’s see…….if they were “miffed” the call would have ended right there right? I mean if I were miffed I would hit the dump button. Even more so, let’s see, there is about a 15-20 second delay on their station, they could have totally aborted the call entirely. But no, they didn’t they then asked a follow up question, “How would I “Jerry” feel if the Senators picked number one or two and the leafs were at 7? I, answered honestly that I would hang myself (to which you Mike probably loudly applauded along with Mrs. TSM). To which the guys started laughing and the call ended. Now again, let’s see how many calls did they take after that??? 0.. Why? They ran into the news segment. Doesn’t sound like they were too miffed to me, hell they even joked about it after…..

      AS for the rooting against the Sens, I think the Fan/640 rivalry is a healthy one. They both talk shit about the other on air without mentioning names. They both get better guests in attempt to beat the other and most importantly, they both seem to employ bigots in their biggest listening audience achieving time slot.

  4. If you think that Brady appreciates your shameless plugs when you call in to his show (and on his blog) then I guess we will have to agree to disagree……………for some reason you seem to think I hate you just because I was critical of you in one instance…………that is surprising, since you are someone who dishes out criticism on a daily basis……………by the way, I listen to FAN 590 quite a bit and I don’t remember hearing anyone diss the other station…………..meanwhile the only one on AM 640 who regularly disses FAN 590 is Brady, and he goes so overboard with it that he sounds childish and petty………….Watters delivers some shots as well but he is not as condescending about it as Brady is.

    • torontosportsmedia

      Hey Mike, If I thought you hated me I would simply dump your comments. I am a big fan of freedom of expression. On the fan, listen to their self promos… About 100% of them are about “the other station”. Mccown makes side comments often too. Personally, I don’t care about either station ripping the other. I think they are both good for each other. Now if we could get rid of some of the non-sports clowns (guests not hosts) on 640 we would be on to something. Keep posting….

  5. I am trying to figure out why you are calling McCown a bigot………..must be because of his comments about Obama’s victory………….I heard those comments and I would classify them more as “strange” as opposed to “racist”…………..there are a lot of things about McCown that I don’t like but I have never thought that he is a bigot.

    • torontosportsmedia

      There have been more then a few occasions where he has made off-color remarks. If you don’t trust me ask the current manager of the Blue Jays ( that is a joke)

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