Quotes of the Day

Something in the water tonight I think. A very strange evening as people saying all kinds of stuff making us raise our eyebrows…

Craig Hartsburg, “Those guys cost us the game, you try to trust your best players and they cost you the game, it’s happened before.” Those guys are Spezza and Alfredsson. Their line was a minus 10 tonight.

Folks, this guy is TOAST and he knows it. Stick a fork in him, he is done. The only question is, is this a solo execution or is Mr. Murray going with him? I would not be the least bit surprised that by the time I am sitting in my kids parent/teacher conference tomorrow am that this changeover is underway. Remember what the Sens owner did the Leafs dressing room after being beaten in the playoffs???? I wouldn’t want to see what his house looks like right now.

Watters: ” I wouldn’t trade Tomas Kaberle straight up for Dany Heatly”

Ummmmmm. Ummmmmm. There has to be more to this story. You know I am not a huge DH fan. I am not going to get into that again. I am alone in thinking that Brian Burke would make that move in a split second??? That would be a no-brainer. Would Wilbur trade Blake for DH? Hollweg?? Mayers??? Mayers, by the way had his best night as a leaf tonight.

Mike Brophy to Pat Quinn: “I know for a fact you didn’t talk with any other teams about coaching after leaving the maple leafs.
Darren Millard/Pat Quinn (Together): “BOSTON
Brophy/Quinn/Millard:” ____________________________________________”
Enough silence to leave force Pat Quinn, the guest to explain the Boston situation.

What the hell was Brophy thinking??? (I smell a minus/down arrow in the new media power rankings). Even my dog new about the Boston story. Good on Pat Quinn for rescuing the moment. Please land in Pittsburgh PQ.

The constant bickering, eye rolling between Nik Kyrpos and Bill Watter is PRICELESS….I would love to hear these guys off the record speaking about the other..By the looks in their respective eyes whenever the other is speaking is awesome!!! Seriously folks, watch a segment…

Oh, and what is the over on the number of mentions, comments, questions about Grabovsky getting fined/suspended for shoving the lineman? Will it be higher then the number of times Hogan mentions grey cup visits tomorrow, or the money references Richie MacLean makes on his show tomorrow? It says here Grabs gets fined, but not suspended (if anything at all).I for one think he played a great game by the way. Yeah he got too riled up, but at least he should a little bit of heart. Interesting clip seeing Brad May trying to pull him back a bit. I thought May looked AOK in Maple Leaf blue and white and not too bad in the fight either.


21 responses to “Quotes of the Day

  1. We’re going to to lose a lot more…I’d rather lose like we did tonight than we did Tuesday against the Panthers….Good on Grabs for showing that he gives a shit…Was this Mayers 1st game of the season? He must have taken the May move personally….good!

    Re: Ottawa…if Eugene wants to salvage the season, I’m not so sure it’s fair to make Hartsburg the fall guy….Murray has some explaining to do….that said, things have gone south so fast that Hartsburg may end up a getting caught in the crossfire.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I don’t disagree with anything you say LT. As you know you can’t fire the players, and Gene has always been a big talker and not so much a dooer when it comes to these decisions…Lets see what he does.

  2. Here is another quote of the day……………I heard Brady say this at 6:45 today: “I have enormous respect for the people at the FAN 590″……………..I almost drove off the road…………….however I’m not sure how sincere he was, given his constant criticism of that station and given the fact he was interviewing Brian Williams about the 2010 Olympics television & radio coverage at the time.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I hear ya. From my perspective it is in good spirit. I have said all along that the stations serve each other well. It is nice as a fan having some choices at least 2x a day on the radio on the way to work and from. I give a ton of credit to what the Fan has built. More people have come and gone from that place over the years and they have found a fairly successful recipe. 640 has started to talk a small bite out of the fan numbers and I think that has forced the Fan from being complacent which is good for the listeners. Are they perfect? No they are not. I think they do a very good job serving a wide audience base. Personally I think the one area they lack is in the NFL. Hogan doesn’t do it justice and it is a huge game. The weekend degenerates on Sunday am are a joke. With the exception of Peter King there really isn’t a whole of attention spent on the NFL. I know, we don’t have a team…..

    • torontosportsmedia

      Apparently, Wilbur called someone else a “gook” on the lunch show yesterday. I didn’t hear it, myself but a few e-mailers have pointed it out.

  3. has the Fan ever got rid any of their on-air staff? Hogan? Rumak? Farraway? Lajoie?

    Are they seriously claiming that they can’t find better talent than these guys?

    • torontosportsmedia

      I don’t think anyone has ever made those claims Mike. Sure people have been “moved on” from the fan. They have made a ton of changes over the years. Do you remeber Jim Tatti, Spider Jones, Steve Simmons, Jory Middlestadt (not that any of those have been terminated).

  4. Grabbo gets better and better…

    And totally agree with the Watters/Kypreos sentiment. There’s a level of contempt and disgust between those two that hints at the potential of a complete meltdown on camera by one, or both (so help me, tht would be incredible…)

  5. I still don’t know why The Fan dropped the Sunday morning ESPN fantasy football show this past year,my teams suffered from the sage advice

  6. I always felt Hogan was just a McCowan wannabe,and a very weak attempt at that.

  7. Wilbur did use the term “gook” again yesterday at lunch…………….he was referring to a hockey player and he said “excuse the expression” right after…………I can’t remember which hockey player it was but it definitely wasn’t a visible minority player………….if anyone wants to hear it I assume the podcast is available.

    • torontosportsmedia

      Mike S. You seem like a reasonable guy. How is this acceptable? Seriously. I think Wilbur has been pretty good of late. His interview of Colangelo was excellent. Excusing it after the fact doesn’t make it okay. Do you think he would say it on tv?

  8. I don’t feel Hartsburg should get the axe or be the fall guy for this team. He has literally nothing to work with other than the 1st line. The cupboard is bare in the minors as they’ve been drafting horribly for the past couple of years..

    I think Bryan Murray should be the guy to go, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat Quinn becomes the new G.M. Although, Pat Quinn’s record as a G.M. has been never been that strong.. I hope that Melnyk DOESN’T realize this and hire him and the Sens continue to suffer (typical Leaf fan talking here). 🙂

    • torontosportsmedia

      i would be stunned if PQ became GM. He wants to coach. He would take on the GM duties to protect his ability to coach.

  9. When did I say it was acceptable?…………..of course he should not be using words like that on the air…………..but if he uses it to describe visible minorities and non-visible minorities then I would label him as “unprofessional” and not a “bigot”……………..he probably would not use that term on TV…………..but then again he has been known to run his mouth off on TV too (just ask Ted Saskin’s lawyers).

    • torontosportsmedia

      I don’t think I said nor did I intend to imply that you said it was acceptable. I was just asking now.

  10. I think crazy uncle billy means “goof” not the perjorative term used by GI’s in Vietnam. Someone should really correct him though.

    Blurr 1974 – check the link I posted for a meltdown of both crazy bill and punch drunk kypreos last year during the hysteria leading up to JFJ being made to walk the plank.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I think crazy Bill is a lot smarter then you give him credit for and he knows exactly what he is saying and doing..

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