Toronto Sports Radio Tonight

Wanted to get this out early as 640 has a great lineup:

510 Paul Beeston

540 Ron Wilson

440 Bob Mckenzie

610 Dreger/Morrison

Trying to confirm who is on the Friday night round table at the Fan.


3 responses to “Toronto Sports Radio Tonight

  1. The Friday roundtable was McCown and his usual cast of “beta males” along with some guy from the CFL. Whom they totally kiss ass to.

    If an alien were to drop in on our planet and only listen to PTS he could be forgiven for assuming that the CFL was the absolute most popular sport in all of Canada and particularly Toronto considering they give it more time than the Leafs.

    Oh and the panel after 6 was another mind numbingly boring and intellectually dishonest discussion of how bad fighting in hockey is just because some poor sap died last week playing in what is barely above the level of a beer league.

    God these guys are so pompous when it comes to fighting it is sickening.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I am so sick of all the talk about fighting in hockey. If you want to get it out of the kids games, you need to start with those who organize kids hockey and the insane parents who think their little Billy or Betty is the next coming of alexander Ovechkin.

      Funny how on some nights and some segments the roundtable is great others, like it sounds tonight was, borderline “un-listenable”.

  2. One change I would love to see is game misconducts for players who drop the gloves right from the face off. That is so staged it is almost as bad as wrestling.

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