What Would You Do????

OK Leaf fans, for some reason we are being inundated with stories that Vincent Lecavalier may be available. I would love to hear Glen Healy on the Bolts trading a guy who has signed an extension with a no trade clause that doesn’t kick in until after the season before the season ends. So, you, Leaf Fan are Brian Burke. Your team is devoid of a superstar forward:

1. Would you make a play to get him
2. If so, who would you offer up (jason blake submissions will be deleted)

Remember Leaf Fans, a few short years ago Vinny was ours. All that stopped the deal was the president of the Bolts not joining the league call to confirm it. In that deal the buds were sending Tomas Kaberle, wingers Nik Antropov and Jonas Hoglund and either Brad Boyesor a first-round draft pick in 2002. We still have the first two guys 🙂


19 responses to “What Would You Do????

  1. I don’t know that we have enough to offer them. Kaberle and Kubina and Stralman would be all I would offer probably Tlusty as well.

    I have a feeling that Tampa would want Schenn and the Leafs first rounder for this year. I am torn. Lecavalier is proven and there is no guarantee anyone in the draft would work out better.

  2. I would not take him, for the simple sake that in a couple years time I wouldn’t doubt that we see his salary (and the length) become more of a burden than it’s worth.

  3. I know but they seem to have been asking mtl for the moon.

    • torontosportsmedia

      Remember this TM, by all accounts the bolts are in a state of financial disarray. They need to get better quickly. They mask for the moon and have to settle for Uranus.

  4. Would not do this. TO is in no position to have a player like vinny at this point. it would be the exact situation they were in with sundin the past few seasons, only with a younger version in vinny. by the time the leafs coughed up all the compensation to get him (prospects, picks, etc) it’d be vinny and no one else…just like with mats.

  5. I would love to have Vinny…but the leafs wont be really able to take advantage of him for 2 years at least three. So you are have to wonder what is the path for the Leafs in three years.

    He is a better fit with montreal, or god forbid a trade to Ottawa to shake things up.

    I love Vinny, but he is off strategy for the Leafs at this stage, depending on the price. Right player, wrong time.

    Oh and would he fit with Wilson’s system?

    Personally, I think Stamkos is being misused there, I would rather take him off their hands for Kubina and Tlusty. Then send him down to the Marlies for a bit, to see how he does. I am sure the kids confidence has been SHOT.

  6. Ok, so a chance to finally land Vinny.

    Here is what Burke offers:

    2nd round Pick, 2010 season
    2nd round Pick, 2009 season
    Nik Antropov
    Matt Stajan
    Tomas Kaberle
    Anton Stralman

    I’d have to believe there is some value & upside on the Lightning side taking this plus I’m sure Roberts would vouche for these guys minus Stralman (and only because he hasn’t played with him). The contracts are light, moveable and would take some serious load off their salary commitments already. Plus they could re-sign those they want to keep or possibly trade etc.

    Now perhaps I am being a bit foolish as I don’t know what other GM’s would put value wise on all these players packaged together, but I think it’s a decent offer IMO.

    • torontosportsmedia

      Nealio, hope you are okay out east! Would you be worried about Vinny’s age? with Stralman and stajan gone, who is he going to play with, grabs, hagman and schenn?

  7. Um, scratch what I said about the salary commitments being less…I have a terrible head cold going on 2 weeks now and brain is functioning at quarter capacity. Taking this on the Lightning would actually add more salary short term but what I meant was if they needed to make changes they could either move/trade or not re-sign some of those players depending, and are not committed to an 11 yr 7.7 mill contract.

  8. Vinny is too old for this Leaf team.
    It makes no sense to mortage the future for a guy around 30

  9. This is a tough one…

    • At 29, he is still relatively young and there is no reason to believe that he will not be a top player in 3-4 years when the Leafs turn the corner.
    • He is just shy of being a point per game guy – so we are not talking about a Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin type player.
    • He is apparently a solid leader – which we do need (points and dressing room)
    • Salary cap is likely to come down…$7.7M is a big commitment and there is a NTC that kicks in next year that we would assume.

    The problem is…if the Bolts have financial issues, they will want high picks and prospects v. players….I’d be afraid to give up too many of those….I’d be more inclined to give picks if I was confident that Kabs and Antro would bring back 1st rounders to replenish what was given…not so sure right now.

    Also, will there be any other top players available in the next two years via UFA route as an alternative? Rick Nash? Others will be gunning for him but it is an option versus trading away picks and prospects now…Not sure who else will be available.

    It comes down to this….If a deal does not include Schenn & 1st round picks….it doesn’t hurt to put together a package…but I don’t see us being able to compile a compelling package….Top teams like Mtl will be more comfortable giving up prospects and 1st rounders.

  10. Well,I think it would be a wiser move to open up more cap space to sign a stud UFA who might even be a few years younger.That way we keep our assets too.

  11. A lot of interesting comments here.. I’m surprised more people aren’t into the idea of landing Vinny.

    I feel that the Leafs need to find some sort of identity on this team. You aren’t going to find it in the draft unfortunately. I feel that creating an identity would start with a guy like Vinny. A proven NHL star in his own right.. a point per game player.. not afraid to speak his mind with a mountain of upside. Although I do agree with a lot of people that it might not be the right time to chase him… its really tough to say.

    If I were to offer a package for Vinny it would go as follows;

    To Tampa Bay:
    Nik Antropov
    Alexei Ponikarovsky
    Chris DiDomenico
    2nd Round 2009 + 4th Round 2009 + 5th Round 2009

    To Toronto:
    Vincent Lecavalier

  12. I will say it again, right player ( I love vinny), wrong time. Stay on startegy.

    Go fishing for Mike Richards in a couple of years…an equivalent “stud”, just younger.

    That being said, if the price was right I wouldnt turn it down. (the old eating crackers in bed argument.)

  13. torontosportsmedia

    I think too many pundits are missing the boat on this one. Tampa only considers this for one reason…$$$$$$$$ If they weren’t under financial duress, they wouldn’t consider these discussions.

    Therefore, the ask may be huge….the reality something completely different.

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