Question of the Day- So Far

Ernie Pantusso

Ernie Pantusso

I heard that a couple of players have signed on with the Argos for next season. As you know, I am not a CFLer, and I don’t really follow the Argos but, sports is sports. The Argos still don’t have a coach. Despite several months of trying to find one, they remain coachless. This begs the question, if you are a player, why would you sign here? If you are professional player would you sign with a team that doesn’t have a coach? Yes I know eventually they will have a coach, but isn’t it kind of important?

Cheers, my second favorite TV show of all time, had the Coach with the best lines…..

“Why do they call you coach?”
“Cause I never flew first class”

I miss Ernie Pantuso “Coach”


2 responses to “Question of the Day- So Far

  1. The “elite” CFL’ers may have the luxery to pick and choose what team to play for,but the vast number of players in the CFL can’t afford to be picky.Regardless of the cost of living,Toronto is very attractive to CFL players,coach or no coach.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I guess so Eggbert. I have a tough time seeing how you sign a contract without knowing who your boss is though..

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