Quote Of The Night

Got this from Kuklas Korner. It really shows why I liked Paul Maurice and miss him. He is brutally honest (except I hope when it comes to evaluating his team personnel) When he was asked about playing the Buds and how he felt:

“The politically correct thing that most coaches would say is that it’s just like any other game, but it’s absolutely not…. It’s absolutely personal. You get fired, you want to see that team lose every game for the next ten years.”

Truth hurts. Wonder who will post that on the chalk board in the leafs dressing room when they get to Carolina….

you can hear Maurice Maurice on playing the leafs..


6 responses to “Quote Of The Night

  1. I wonder if he will be raked over the coals by some people like Melrose was when he said the same thing about Tampa.

  2. If he wanted to lose every game, we would have kept him.

  3. I really liked Maurice for the first few months of his hiring.His intellectual introspective approach was a refreshing change from the typical.Maybe it was midway through his 2nd year when it began to wear thin,he became a tad too drama queen’ish for my tastes.

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