Quotes of the Day

“Al Strachan is like an 80 year-old Eklund” Forechecker on twitter…
“I didn’t like our coach,” Karmanos said. “His public persona and his private persona were two different things.” Peter Karmanos on Ex- Hurricane Coach Peter Laviolette
“If he wanted to lose every game, we would have kept him.” Down Goes Brown on ex-Maple Leaf coach, Paul Maurice
“The most unhappy person in the building is Jason Blake, because he and Jason Blake decided not to get along last season and Jason Blake just scored a hat trick on him.” Pierre McGuire


One response to “Quotes of the Day

  1. Pierre McGuire ,what can I say
    he knows his hockey,but the rest of the stuff coming out of his mouth is downright nutty.He made about 3 real head shakers tonite,give the man a valium

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