Welcome To Toronto…..

New Argos Coach

New Argos Coach

A hearty welcome to Toronto Bart (d’oh) Andrus!

We are very happy to have you here. We have heard good things about you. LT didn’t sleep last night he was so excited that you have taken over the double blue.

My favorite part of his press conference was when he thanked his kids, saying that “being the kids of a football coach isn’t easy, all the other kids talking about your dad, the team….” Ummmm, Bart (D’oh) your kids won’t have that problem here. Steve Simmon’s in his article today was on the right track, suggesting that the job ahead of Andrus is huge, but the risk if he is unsuccessful isn’t obscurity it’s total irrelevancy. Interest in the double blue is really low. If the teams keeps failing they will become totally irrelevant, the worst thing that can happen to a sports team.

For those of you non-Argos fans here is the new coaches coaching history:

Bart Andrus Coaching History:
2008: Offensive Assistant Coach, Tennessee Titans – NFL
2001-07: Head Coach, Amsterdam Admirals – NFL Europa
2000: Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterbacks, Rhein Fire – NFL Europa
1999: Quarterbacks, Tennessee Titans – NFL
1997-98: Offensive Assistant/Quarterbacks, Tennessee Titans – NFL
1996: Head Coach, Rocky Mountain College
1993-95: Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks, Southern Utah University
1990-91: Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks, Montana State University
1986-89: Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks, Humboldt State University
1984-85: Graduate Assistant, Brigham Young University


6 responses to “Welcome To Toronto…..

  1. I watched 1971 Grey Cup broken down into 5 segments on utube last night.I died another death watching McQuay fumble.

  2. I guess your mommy didn’t have cable

  3. No,rainy Vancouver,I can still see a little Eggbert laying in front of the tv,arms folded under his chin, suffering his first taste of Toronto sports team disappointment.Back in those days the Argos were considered to be on the same level of importance as the Leafs,they weren’t considered 2nd tier back then.

    • torontosportsmedia

      I remember going to Argo games at the EX drinking cokes of milk cartons. Man I loved watching Holloway, Barnes and Ilisac (sorry for spelling)

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