Video Clip Of The Night- Bias

I told you I loved something about Tim Thomas! What a move he tried to lay on Jason Blake. I haven’t ever seen that move before…Reminded me of Billy Smith or Ron Hextall

Here it is for those of you who didn’t see it.


4 responses to “Video Clip Of The Night- Bias

  1. shoulda been a penalty. almost a reverse goaltender interference. makes me hate mcguire more.

    • torontosportsmedia

      For what it’s worth, the guy on the radio actually spent time debating whether it was legal or not…their conclusion was that it was legal…

  2. Crank up the audio – great that the mic picked up Blake’s reaction (no bleep). I understand the leagues position on protecting goalies (similar to the NFL and quarterbacks)…but if goalies can do what Tim Thomas did – something is out of whack as far as I’m concerned.

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