Could The Maple Leafs Acquire Chris Pronger?

“Will Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke be reunited with Ducks D Chris Pronger? That’s the whisper this weekend. There’s a strong belief that if the Ducks fall out of playoff contention in the Western Conference, GM Bob Murray might move the former all-star defenceman. While the Leafs are trying to rebuild, it might make sense to bring in a seasoned blueliner like Pronger, especially if Tomas Kaberle is sent packing at the March 4 trade deadline.”

Let the debate begin folks. Bruce Garrioch has that gem in today’s Ottawa Sun. To me, it’s a move that makes litle sense especially given what we can imagine what it would take to get Pronger. Would you trade this year’s first to get him? Not I. He is 35 years old. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chris Pronger. Just not on the Maple Leafs right now…. Boy would Burke get roasted for trading away the future for a 35 year old(albeit a very good one)


10 responses to “Could The Maple Leafs Acquire Chris Pronger?

  1. I sure hope not. Like you I like Pronger. I will give the same answer as I gave on LeCavalier

    right Player, wrong time….mostly due to age

    Now if you could get Mike richards….that one I would think seriously about.

  2. No way….and for the same reasons above.

    But imagine what he would do for a Eastern conference contender…

  3. No, no, no…

    If you want to add a 35-year-old former all-star for the kids to learn from, go ahead… as a UFA. Not in a trade, and especially not in a bidding war situation where you’re going to have give up plenty.

  4. DGB…can you somehow take over Garrioch’s position? You would so do a better job.

  5. How long until Ek post a rumour saying its gonna happen by Monday

    • torontosportsmedia

      You missed the part where “3 sources who are usually quiet about this stuff, are making loud noises from Sweden that I only hear when they are right.” 🙂

  6. Here is what expect from Ek:

    11:30AM: Pronger to Leafs (e3)
    1145AM: A source close to the situation says Pronger to Bruins deal all but done (e4)
    12:00PM: More on Pronger at 3pm…Cujo to Sens?
    3:00PM: Source close to the situation out of Uganda says, Pronger to Rangers or Pens or Canadiens or Bruins or Leafs or Jersey or he could stay put..e4


    Whats scary is how accurate that could end up being!
    In all seriousness, I would have loved to seen Pronger come to Toronto when they could have grabbed him from Edmonton, but now? Hell no.

  8. Yeah, all because they didn’t want to put Alex Steen into the deal… gah.

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