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Saturday/Sunday Blah’s

Ahhhhh yes, the dog days of sum, I mean winter. Let’s review Brian Burke becomes GM, team goes out west, plays pretty poorly in the final 2 games, during the second of which a veteran defenceman gets benched for the entire period before going -3. The team gets back and hires a new head of hockey operations, looses a close game to the Washington Capitals, and at the same time the stud defenceman gets injured (likely for 2 weeks) and one it’s better forwards (Hagman) to injury too. I think that sums up the leafs no? The Raptors fire their coach, who only a couple of seasons ago won coach of the year honors. The new coach is a canuck(first time that has ever happened) and has gone 0 for 2 since. Collectively those two teams have had a change in their ownership structure. Over in Blue Jay land, the GM meetings are now here and the owner just died and the word is the payroll is being dramatically cut. Elsewhere in Toronto, the Buffalo Bills played my (no, I don’t own them) Miami Dolphins in the first ever regular seas game to be played in Canada or Toronto.

Elsewhere, Sundin appears to be on the verge of deciding to make a decision whether or not play this season and then maybe where too. Sean Avery has been suspended for 6 games and ordered to be assessed for the need for anger management therapy. He has apparently asked the PA not to appeal or file a grievance on his behalf (giving Glen Why Can’t I Be Maple Leaf GM ulcers). The Canes fired their coach and replaced him Paul Maurice. Tampa Bay fired it’s coach too this season and may actually be worse under Rick “The Bet” Tocchet. The economy is in the crapper (and going to get worse) and the NHL board of Governors are going to discuss that (and hopefully litany of teams who are allegedly in various stages of financial disarray. ) The Detroit Lions improved to 0-13 (improved is the right word right???) In US college football, Oklahoma and Florida finished 1-2 in the BCS and will play for the BCS national championship on Jan. 8 in Miami. In US college hoops the Michigan Wolverines stunned the Duke Blue Devils who were ranked #4 prior to that tilt…

Forgive me if I left anything out… Why the review? Well, in my usual tour of the papers, tv stations, websites today I can honestly say I didn’t find one single article worth reading or writing about. No joke. With the exception of the blurb on Simmon’s piece which I wrote mainly for Eye….and to bash Howie, again, there was nothing, zip, zero, nadda, zilch to even consider discussing. With all of the above going on, and more I am sure, I was stunned at how little was written or spoken that actually peaked my interest, had me on my blackberry to ping someone, or get my blood boiling. Did you read Larry Brooks today? Don’t bother, there was nothing there. Seriously, even his take on the Avery story was a complete bore.

So, perhaps this is a week in review, or the after effects of another phenomenal festivus last night but here is hoping that it isn’t a sign of things to come. I used to really like Sunday’s for sports media purposes…. Today I felt cheated.


Nuclear Winter For Jays Fans

The Consensus is in, this is going to be a long, hard winter for Blue Jays fans. Everywhere you turn these days we are seeing signs, evidence that the econodisaster is going to result in less money for JP to spend which equates to fewer changes to the Jays roster. No matter the publication the story is the same and no matter how you dice it, that’s bad news. 2 things strike me as odd, 1. With little to no buzz to build on, how are the Jays going to sell tickets and 2. If this is the case why would Beeston agree to take this job.

First number 2. Paul Beeston has been happily retired for some time. He needed this interim Jays gig like he needed a hole in the head. Friends tell me they see Beeston enroute to the Ted as early as 7:00am. I can’t imagine that he would agree to take the reigns (even if on a temporary basis) to be the mastermind behind a cost cutting operation. The guy pretty much went out on top and if this team is as bad as many predict why would he want to be associated with that. Lastly on this point, how is he going to find a quality president when the payroll is being slashed? All questions that don’t make a ton of sense…

As for number 1, Absent a few moves Jays tickets are going to be in less demand this year then in a LONG time. Yes they finished well with Cito. Problem is, if AJ leaves and is not adequately replaced the media is going to be all over the jays from every negative angle possible. This will have a devastating effect on ticket sales. The vicious cycle will begin.

Griffin, Elliott et all have all chimed in on this. From where we sit right now things look bleak, very very bleak…I am still holding out hope for the Beeston factor….

Jays trying to deal Overbay?

Reports out of Seattle are that the Blue Jays have shown a willingness to trade first baseman Lyle Overbay — a native of Centralia, Wash. — to the Mariners. According to the Seattle Times, Toronto is even willing to pick up some of the $14 million Overbay is owed through 2010.

The Tacoma News-Tribune has reported that the Blue Jays have been met with a “decided lack of enthusiasm” from Seattle. It’s been rumored that Overbay was part of the package that Toronto tried to use to acquire outfielder Raul Ibanez prior to the July 31 Trade Deadline this past season. Ibanez is a free agent this winter.

The Blue Jays are trying to upgrade their offense this winter and first base is an area that the club can address. Since having his right hand broken by a pitch midway through the 2007 season, Overbay’s offensive numbers, especially his power production, have declined. Toronto acquired Overbay in a five-player trade with the Brewers prior to the ’06 season.

The Blue Jays have also been rumored to be in on possible trade talks with the Padres for shortstop Khalil Greene. Without an excess of cash to spend this winter, Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi has made it known that the club does plan on exploring the trade market in an attempt to meet some of its offseason goals.

–Jordan Bastian


Beeston=Comfort food

I don’t know why, but news that Paul Beeston is driving the negotiation bus with AJ Burnett makes me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable then when JP was in charge. One has to wonder if yesterday’s signing (of a Canadian player) signals a change in philosophy to the jays of old, the media certainly seem to think so….

In any event, there is no guarantee that Burnet will resign here but I like our odds a lot more with Beeston in charge.

Beeston To Lead MLSE/Blue Jays?

Jeff Blair has a theory that certainly is worth discussing:

“Could it be that we are on the verge of a seismic shift in Toronto’s sports landscape, one that will eventually lead to the marriage of MLSE and Rogers, either through an amalgamation or one of them buying out the other? Know this: because of Ted Rogers’ age, succession issues must surely be among the most prevalent topics within the company, and I have to think an army of tall foreheads and big-picture guys and accountants are trying to figure out how the hell whatever transition needs to be made is made smoothly.”

To be fair, when a sports writer starts writing about business, alarm bells should go off. However, given the landscape in Toronto, perhaps Blair is on to something.

“First, if Beeston’s responsibility is to help guide the search for a new CEO … well, why couldn’t the out-going CEO, Paul Godfrey, do that? I have to think his list of names would probably match Beeston’s. And while any time anybody trots out Beeston’s name for a job – head of Ontario Hydro or whatever the heck it’s called now, head of a committee that was supposed to help Toronto recover from the SARS scare, CFL commissioner, NHL commissioner, Premier, whatever – the response is usually: ‘Ah, but Paul enjoys his life the way it is right now. He doesn’t need the aggravation.”

This is true, everyone always says with respect to Beeston, he loves being retired to much to take a job with a sports team… One does have to wonder why, Godfrey, who is employed until years end can’t come up with a successor….

“I just think that Tuesday’s move is about much, much, more than who will turn the lights on and off at the Rogers Centre for Blue Jays games or who will be signing or trading baseball players. I think this is going in several directions, including a new stadium. That would be a tough ship for Godfrey to navigate, given his attachment in the public mind to the Rogers Centre. if you were going to pick a guy to pull off the biggest sports play in the history of this country, let alone this city, Beeston would be the man. Few people can travel as softly in as many powerful circles, and be greeted as warmly.”

When the Leafs talked about a new President to lead MLSE everyone seemed to suggest that the Leafs should try to move heaven and earth to get Beeston. Perhaps this is the start to big changes in the city. You know Wilbur would just love the Leafs/Raptors and Jays living under one roof…. I would be in favor if Beeston where at the helm…

You can read Blair here..

Sign Of The Times In Sports- Rehab Coach…

“The Toronto Blue Jays named Chad Mottola their roving hitting coach, Doug Davis their roving catching instructor and Rick Langford their roving rehab and pitching coach Friday, rounding out their minor-league staff for 2009.”

Roving Rehab Coach????

Does that mean they use him when a guy is coming out of rehab?

I wonder what affliction is Davis’s specialty, Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling??? I am going to be on Gambling, he is going to be based in Las Vegas right????

Paul Godfrey done as Blue Jays President

Tsn reporting…

More to follow