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Sports Radio Tonight- Good Stuff

I am interested in hearing McCown’s take on the All-Star Suspension Gate….

On the roundtable:

John Wells,
James Deacon
Richard Griffin

Meanwhile, on 640:

Bob McKenzie 440
Tomas Kaberle 510
Ken Daniels 540
Darren Dreger 610

The Kaberle interview should be as interesting as paint drying…What’s the guy going to say?

Ken Daniels is a Toronto boy who does play by play for the Red Wings. He is fantastic and I am sure he will be very vocal on the all star suspensions.


A Great Read- Radio Wars….

Love him or not (Mike S) Brady’s blog this am is a must read. If you are a fan of the sports media business, and if you are hear you must be to a certain extent then you will really enjoy Brady’s blog this am. The post is about the closing of his former station and he offers up insight and opinions you don’t usually see stuff like this written. Here is my favorite part:

“But I was at WDFN in Detroit for nine years. I arrived when I was 27, left when I was 36, and now that I’m 37, the station doesn’t exist anymore. Yesterday (Tuesday, January 20th), the powers that be blew it up. All local programming is gone except the odd sports update, and Detroit Pistons basketball until the end of the NBA season. The station went on the air in 1994, when there was still lots of doubt as to whether the format itself could succeed and make a dent in what was then the sixth biggest radio market in the United States. When I arrived in 1998, it was the ninth biggest. In fact, the Fan 590 in Toronto, whom we try daily to match in terms of their accomplishments, their efforts, on the air and behind the scenes when we do Leafs Lunch and the Bill Watters Show were really just finding their legs in the early and mid-90s, and now they’re the guys to catch. They’re a powerhouse, and as I’ve written before, plain and simple, Bob McCown is the biggest reason why. He’s been the best in the business as what he does, and the fact that some folks have considered coming over and listening to us once in a while instead of his show, is flattering and encouraging. We spend a lot of time at AM640 thinking of how to match PrimeTime Sports and where we can poke holes in what is a monster. Everything that show and that station has right now it’s earned, because you know there were a lot of people in Toronto who said they couldn’t succeed for as long as they have and they did.”

There is more and well worth your time….check it out here

It’s All Fun & Games Until….

The reality of the dim state of affairs that President #43 left President #44 hit home today. Sports, is supposed to be all about fun and games. It usually is, until, yes the almighty until…. In this case, the until isn’t “someone dies”, thankfully. No in this case it’s until “someone or more appropriately someones loses their jobs”. The economic slow down hit the sports media business south (and for us, west) of the border, taking down an all-sports radio station that was pretty damn good AND a good friend of the hockey game. WDFN, which launched in July 1994, the same time I moved there (for my first of 2 stints) was essentially shuttered today, being left to only broadcast national programs (Foxsports radio) in addition to the Detroit Pistons. That my friends is sad. Some good folks lost their jobs today, and they were living what many of us considered a small part of “the sports dream”. WDFN unlike a lot of other US based sports stations spent a large chunk of the their day talking hockey, OHL/IHL/AHL/NCAA and NHL. As US cities drop NHL coverage, the ability for our great game of hockey to get coverage in the USA is going to get harder and harder. While this horrible news for those directly affected, it is not good for hockey fans in the greater Detroit area.

Many of the folks who were let go were long time employees, Mike Stone, the co-host of their drive home show was with the station for 14 years! “I’m out of a job, and I’m devastated,” Stone said late this afternoon as he prepared to meet some other WDFN workers for a drink. “But with everything else going on around town, with the economy and layoffs, it’s not completely surprising. I went to work today thinking that we might be OK.” His Co-Host, a columnist from the Detroit News was with the station for 10 years, “said he was “sad, not mad” his time was over at WDFN. “I really enjoyed my 14 years taking with the fans,” he said. “A lot of really, really good people have lost their jobs in and around Detroit recently. I still really believe there’s room in the city for two great local sports radio stations. Maybe down the road, there still can be.”

640 Toronto’s very own Greg Brady is a former WDFN employee. He knows all too well what life was like working witha huge company like Clear Channel…He was kind enough to return a call to let us know his thoughts on the shuttering of WDFN. Here are a few of his thoughts as I remember them:

“I’m ill about it. I love the industry and love the gig here as much as the one I had in Detroit. But I experienced so many great moments and WDFN was a true family. Getting to be at World Series games, Final Fours, a Super Bowl in Detroit and all the Wings and Lions trips were so meaningful and I love sharing stories about them. So many good people suffered because of this today. The only positive out of all of this is that the callousness of the parent company is exposed for all to see. They sure don’t seem to care about local radio, and they can’t just blame this all on “the economy”. The Detroit radio stations they own has been mismanaged for three years now. It’s fine if they want to make money – that’s all fine and good, but they shutting down all local content on a 15 year enterprise that had some real watershed moments in Detroit should tell anyone they don’t care about local content and contributing to the community. But they do the cuts today on Obama’s inauguration to slide it under the carpet. It didn’t work. They failed. Some might think I’m bitter. How can I be? I love going into work every day in Toronto with Wilbur — but going back and flipping on AM1130 won’t ever be meaningful again to me. I grew up in “that house”…I kinda became an adult in “that house”. And they burned “that house” to the ground today. That’s how I feel. I’m as sad today as when they canceled our show 15 months ago, I really am. Maybe sadder.”

Here’s hoping that those who lost their jobs, are able to find work right away…

Interview of the Day- Bias

Tim Thomas and I both attended the University of Vermont. So I have to admit bias, at least to some degree towards the Boston goalie, we were there at the same time for all of one year. Having said that, if you only listen to one hockey interview this week, make it the one Wilbur and Brady did today with Thomas. He is everything a hockey player should be. He is smart, honest and has almost no ego. He is the prototypical hockey player. When you listen to the folks in the media, especially those in the US say how much easier it is to deal with hockey players as opposed to athletes in other sports, this is a prime example.

You can listen to the clip here, by the way the 640 website is BRUTAL, so click on the Tim Thomas link when you go to the site…

Mid-Day Ramblings

Hi folks, I have a wicked cold and all the peeps viewing Obamamania this am slowing down the internets didn’t make me feel any better.

Here are some random mid-day thoughts:

1. Someone explain what the hell Lowen is talking about:

“For fans of the television series Lost, it returns on Wednesday with a brand new season.

For fans of the Maple Leafs and Raptors, they will all be reruns.”

HUH??? What the hell does that mean. Is he trying to say that MLSE is lost? Talk about a broken analogy….

2. Bruce Arthur’s article in Today’s national post is as good as I have seen on the Raptors. Consider these:

“Jose Calderon is close to coming back, and Marion would give this roster balance that it hasn’t had since general manager Bryan Colangelo assumed control nearly three years ago. A real small forward: imagine that.”
“No, the chief value of Marion’s theoretical arrival is that he would allow this team to embark on its latest repair job one season sooner — that is, one season before Chris Bosh opts out of his contract and is presented with the option to become a Detroit Piston, to become a New York Knick or to win several championships with LeBron James, in Cleveland or elsewhere.”
“For this franchise’s franchise player to remain, the Raptors will have to have made giant strides from their current state. And that means fielding a team that does not include the rather ridiculous sight of Jamario Moon hoisting up an entirely unnecessary three-pointer with 16 seconds left on the shot clock, and 35 seconds left in a one-point game, as he did yesterday.”

WOW- in depth analysis what a novel concept???

3. Interested in looking for the perfect hot dog down near the ACC??? These guys did a nice job!

4. I see the Toronto Rock fired their coaching staff, just 3 games in to the season. Did the head guy lie about being in Vietnam too? In any event, Mike S tells me that the lineup for Brady and Watters looks something like this:

4-5 the old rock coaching staff
5-6 the new rock coaching staff
6-7 great moments in rock history

5. Thanks to the folks aat Kuklas Korner for highlighting the greatest in arena promotion I have ever heard of (even better then my old favorite, the move of the game), If the blackhawks ever score a goal at exactly 10:00 of the second period one fan is awarded $1,000,000 by the Illinois lottery. Happened at a game last night. How cool is that?

more later this afternoon….

Quotes & of the day- Warning Adult Content

Before the quotes, a few notes….

The ALL new TSM is coming soon folks!

Did anyone else watching the game tonight have the same feeling I did that the buds were going to lose this one, right after they failed to score on numerous scoring chances in the second period. It was one of those games where you could just sense that the Leafs inability to score was going to result in Carolina scoring almost with ease. Then whammo, Kaberle took the delay of game penalty and the rest was history. Too bad, the boys played well in the early going. Wait, not too bad, perfect. Hard work and a loss. It’s all good after all.

Ummmm the Raptors, anyone, signs of life, anyone???? What the hell is going on???? This team isn’t going anywhere fast. WE expected the leafs to suck, but the raptors???? Man BC do something, show us the team has a pulse…

On to the quotes:

“CBC’s Elliotte Friedman may be the first announcer in TV to work three sports in two days with three different hairstyles.”Chris Zelkovitch

“”Who made Dave Branch the guy who decides how fighting is going to be treated … in the OHL?” Mike Milbury

“Toskala is the 6th best goalie in the northeast division…seriously — wouldn’t u rather have any of the following..

ryan miller…

it’s possible he’s only better than cujo, pat lalime and whomever plays for the sens…but if this elliot kid is for real, then TOSKALA is the 7th best goalie in the division..” Greg Brady

“How do you hire a guy who was the worst at his job (they name bad trades after him, seriously, trust me, they call them Milbury’s) and put him on national television (on both sides of the border) and get him to critique how others are doing his job??!! He was the worst GM in 20 years, save for maybe Punch Imlach!!” Greg Brady on Mike Milbury as a tv commentator

“but not because he’s earned it; it’s because we have to see what we have in him.” Brian Burke on having to call up Justin Pogge this season.

“Only a blind optimist would suggest this off-season has done anything to move the Blue Jays closer to their first playoff berth since the 1993 World Series. It’s not just the profligate spending of American League East rival New York Yankees or that both the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles have made additions. It’s the lack of movement on the part of the team itself. It seems as though this has been a winter of discontent, at least in the media and to a greater extent the blogosphere. Be that as it may, Beeston said that when he is out and about he finds “a lot of people understand … the economy being what it is.” Jeff Blair on Paul Beeston having to explain the hibernation of the Blue Jays this offseason to season ticket holders (all 4 of them) tuesday night

“I enjoy acting, and I really like sex,” says McCarty, “so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions. I approached Vivid with the idea of shooting a film with a sexy but interesting storyline, and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of control I was given throughout the production process. I am very pleased with the final edit of Faithless, and I just may do another adult film.” former Miss USA 1991 Kelli McCarty pageant winner stars in the new XXX porn flick Faithless, which goes on sale February 4th. Thanks to Perez Hilton for passing this along!

Cox on Killer; Burke on Belak

It doesn’t a whole lot, so when Damien writes nice things about someone it’s newsworthy.

In today’s star Damien has a feel good piece about Doug Gilmour, the former Maple Leaf captain. Someone correct me if i am wrong, but when was the last time a captain retired a maple leaf (even if he wasn’t captain when he retired). Gilmour is having a tough time with his new coaching gig in Kingston, his record is 4-22 since taking over. With a record like that, perhaps Brian should give Ron a sabbatical and let Doug take over for the rest of the year! Meanwhile, it is good to see Doug is earning a buck, learning a trade. Granted the one big take away from Cox’s article is that Doug has a lot of ex-wives and kids from each:

“He now lives most of the time at his lakeside cottage in Kingston, five doors down from where he grew up. He shares the house with his fiancée, Sonja, and the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, Victoria.”

ok- so that is 1 fiance and 1 daughter

“With sons Jake and Tyson living with Amy in Toronto, he treks back and forth along the 401 every weekend, leaving Sunday afternoons after Kingston home games and heading back on Tuesday mornings.”

Ok so, Amy is wife #2 and Jake and Tyson are kids two and three….

“His daughter from his first marriage, Madison, lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her partner, Detroit Red Wings prospect Evan McGrath.”

Ok, so this would be a reference to wife #1 and his fourth child….

In any event, Killer remains a HUGE fan favorite, who can forget the goal he scored against the St. Louis blues from behind the net against one Curtis Joseph!

It’s nice to see that Doug is looking forward to the upcoming ceremony at the ACC, he bought tickets for all his players too:

“”It’s probably the biggest thing to happen to me, even though winning the Stanley Cup was important,” he said.

“I almost want to videotape it myself.”

He was, of course, an unforgettable hockey hero in Toronto who defied the limitations of his size to nearly lift the team to a Cup on the basis of his indomitable will.

He’ll be honored in a city that wonders when the likes of him will be seen here again.

On that same subject, Greg Brady talked to Brian Burke about the buds honoring Wade Belak the other night. Burke held firm, he fully supported this and by the sounds of it, we can expect more of the same down the road. Maybe Damien was right, get ready for Alex Steen and Carlo tributes the next time they are in town. Good interview, worth listening to:
you have to click on Brian Burke interview

You can read Cox here