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Jay Bouwmeester A Maple Leaf?

“The Panthers are looking a trade possibilities and hoping to get a first round pick, another top selection and a top, NHL -ready prospect if they move Bouwmeester. The Leafs don’t have the wherewithal to put that kind of package today, although its believed GM Brian Burke might be willing to part with the team’s first rounder this summer if he could first negotiate a long-term deal with Bouwmeester.” Damien Cox

Now you are starting to enter the realm of hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Bouwmeester will be 26 in September. He is due to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. This is an old fashioned game of poker. Let’s assume for one second that he isn’t going to resign in Florida. He has NEVER played a playoff game since being drafted. Also, if he is going to resign, this debate is over. If he isn’t going to resign, why would he agree to re-up with anyone until the free agency period begins. Jay Bo is a westerner, so I guess if Calgary came a knocking he may re-up early. Other then that why bother? So the question becomes do you take the chance. The answer is NO. If you can’t resign him you don’t make the deal. That’s easy. Then the question is, do you assume whomever he gets traded to he will re-up with? If the answer is yes, then if you want him……you have to trade for him. Not an easy decision. It’s easy to SAY we won’t trade for him without talking to him about re-upping. What do you do in that game of poker???

“Barring that, if Bouwmeester gets to unrestricted free agent status, you can expect the Leafs to be at the front of the line of teams vying for his services. Interestingly, the Leafs would be well-positioned given that they currently operate almost $10 million below the salary cap. There’s a threat the $56.7 million cap could drop significantly after next season, leaving teams with fewer salary committments – like the Leafs – potentially in a position to have far more flexibility over the next two years. Even if Bouwmeester is traded before the March 4 deadline, he might still become unrestricted July 1st, as was the case with Marian Hossa.”

This could be the hardest decision to face Burke. Bouwmeester is the type of player you build around. Him and Schenn would make for a pretty solid base for a defence core. If the Leafs are 2-3 years from the playoffs you have to wonder why he would agree to come here (granted they would say with him maybe it’s not that long)…..

So Leaf fans, you are Burke…If you can’t talk to him or guarantee you can resign him, do you roll the dice that he becomes an UFA or the other way and pull the trigger. If you deal for him (a number one plus anything) and he doesn’t resign you are toast!….What do you think?


Kaberle, Modano, Hull, Avery, Rentals, Caps & Raps… Oh My

I love this quote from Bruce Arthur. Can’t you just picture the scene in the Leafs locker-room, all the regular’s are gathered around Kaberle’s locker, they ask him about his NTC:

“”We haven’t spoke about anything, and obviously my status stays the same,” Kaberle said with an air of finality. “We can talk about tonight’s game if you guys want to.”

After a pause, one sharp reporter said, “Not really.”

That is right out of a SNL skit… whom do you think the “sharp reporter” 10:1 Howie 5:1 Jonas

Oh to be on the Dallas Stars next flight with Modano and Brett Hull… Let’s see, sitting in 11 a is Mike Modano, here is your boarding pass and in 11 C is Brett Hull, here you go…

“”I think we would have analyzed (the signing) a little bit more over the summer before you go into the free-agent market. Do a little more homework and detailed analysis (and get the opinions) of players who have played with him, or how guys feel about it,” said Wednesday the 19-year veteran.
“It could have been avoided, I think, but I think (co-GM) Brett (Hull) felt having him as a teammate (while with the Detroit Red Wings), he saw something in him. “Talent-wise, he’s a very skilled kid. But I think character-wise and his personality didn’t blend with the criteria that we’ve always had as Dallas Stars. Since Bob Gainey was here, we implemented a kind of personality and character-figure in Tom Hicks. That’s kind of where it went off and tail-spinned, and got corrected.”

One word…. Ouch…Gotta love when a guy like Modano suggests that maybe, just maybe it would be a good idea to do some , ummmm, what’s the word for it, oh yeah HOMEWORK before signing a player…. The fact that he references Bob Gainey is even more classic.

Good job of accumulating a list of rental players from Kevin Allen in his USA Today hockey blog:
Jay Bouwmeester (Florida)
Keith Tkachuk (St. Louis Blues)
Mathieu Schneider (Atlanta)
Andy McDonald (St. Louis)
Nik Antropov (Toronto)
Doug Weight (New York Islanders)
Bill Guerin (New York Islanders)
Gaborik (Minnesota)
Maxim Afinogenov (Buffalo)
Sean O’Donnell (Los Angeles)

Another great quote: “Citing declining sales, the CBC has pulled out as a carrier of Toronto Blue Jays telecasts.” William Houston, Globe and Mail. There is no surprise that the CBC balked at a rate of $150k per game to broadcast the Jays games. “Beeston said 145 of the Jays’ 162 games will be televised, 125 on Sportsnet, which is owned by Jays proprietor Rogers Communications, and 20 on TSN.” By the way, did anyone else here this gem from Mr. Beeston while on with Pad Thai (Watters) and Brady ” I am almost finished writing up the job description for Blue Jays President.” Please, someone tell me just how long that should take and what Mr. Beeston (whom I am a huge fan of) has been doing since he took the job???? I guess with the rate of signings and trades he realizes there is no rush to do…..ummmmmm, anything

A subject that drives Howard Berger nuts seems to have been resolved in the media’s favor in Montreal:

“Growing weary of widespread rumours and gossip surrounding injured players, Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau on Wednesday said anyone sidelined indefinitely will now have the nature of their injuries released to the media. No longer will the team report such players have upper- or lower-body injuries.Carbonneau said the decision was reached following a meeting between himself, general manager Bob Gainey, vice-president (hockey operations) Julien BriseBois and the team’s communications department.”

I have heard the arguments from both sides. The anti-reveal argument is if you reveal a player’s injury the opposing teams will attack that injury every chance they can. The pro-reveal argument is simply, we have a job to do and you shouldn’t hide information from us. If the former is true then the injuries shouldn’t be revealed, the hell with the latter.

Tonight’s shows on both stations were the worst I have heard since I have been pre-viewing/reviewing the drive home radio shows on both the Fan and 640, The interview with Steve Nash was pretty dull and almost unlistenable seeing how Nash sounded like he was in an aquarium for it. Kudos to Mccown and Kelley for interviewing an athlete (they rarely do) and for admitting that they taped it earlier (not that it would have made a difference to any of us listening), which they also rarely do. Those who preceded Nash and followed were equally as uninteresting. Over on 640 the lineup with the exception of Dean Lombardi was really dull. Perhaps it was the cold weather, but it seemed to be a night when both stations should have punted. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

You know the old saying about a sucker being born every second…
“Sources say the team is expected to be sold within the next two months with current owner Jerry Moyes retaining as much as 20 percent.” That according to Darren Dreger, speaking on the issue of the Phoenix Coyotes. With all the issues facing this team, most importantly a 30 year lease with brutal terms (no parking revenue for the team AND a share of each ticket sold being shared with the city) it’s hard to phathom who would buy the team. That is not to suggest that the team isn’t valuable. Truth is many would leaf fans would gladly change rosters wth the Yotes in a heartbeat… Why someone would buy this team is beyond me…especially right now…

Hats off to Jay Triano for finding Andrea Bargnani’s game. Man, anyone else see him put up 31 tonight in another loosing effort?? Quite an impressive showing for the Big Euro.

If you are a hockey fan, you had to watch, with a smile on your face the play as the Caps defeated the Pens 6-3 tonight. Way to go AO and my adopted 2nd team the Washington Capitals!

Have a good night all

Kaberle In Chateaux Bow Wow

I didn’t see much of this one. I missed the first and most of the second. Unfortunately, I did see the 3rd. One word ouch! Not sure if you caught it, but I can bet you will be hearing lots of it tomorrow, but man did Ron Wilson rip Thomas Kaberle after the game. Kaberle sat the entire first period tonight. Yes you read the right. Despite being dressed, Thomas Kaberle rode the pine for the ENTIRE first period. TK’s first shift of the game was the first of the second period and he got beat. The third period was brutal. To say Ron Wilson was pissed would be putting it mildly.

The LeafsTv announcer asked Wilson afte the game if “he was sending Thomas a message by sitting him in the first?” Wilson replied “ah, yeah and he replied by going -4.” Ummm, me thinks that TK may be willing to waive that NTC any minute now. In fairness to the guy, it is a pretty unorthodox benching. Usually you bench a guy later in a game. Had he had a bad first I could see him sitting the second. To leave the guy on the bench the entire first is flat out embarrassing and I am not surprised he struggled the rest of the way. However, TK is a pro and he has to be able to respond better then he did.

The line of the night goes to LT who quipped “It’s time to reunite Kaberle with McCabe.” LT wondered if we could get Jay Bouwmeester for Kaberle? The short answer is no, but I have to wonder if senior Burke has seen enough of TK to start asking around. A couple of things to remember about Kaberle is he is young and affordable. Those are 2 very attractive features in a puck moving defenceman. To say that his confidence is shot is probably putting it mildly. While I thought Blake would be the first to go, I am starting to think TK could take the lead….

As for the rest of the players, Jeff Finger led all leafs in ice time with an ode to Todd Gill and Mike Palmateer(23:29). He was followed by Luke Schenn who went Todd Gill and John Anderson (23:10). Dominic Moore and Alexei Ponikarovsky lead the Leafs in the plus/minus category each being +1. Kaberle led the way in the negative department (-3) sorry coach…

Well, the buds return home from the road trip licking their chops a little bit after being lit up by both the sharks and the coyotes. Saturday night they are home to gulp, the Washington Capitals and Don Cherry’s favorite player Alexander Ovechkin. Should be a good game.

Shame to see Paul Maurice loose his first game back behind the bench as the Pens beat the Canes 5-2, just like old times eh Moe…..

Hanky’s Back, Apendix??? More Like Lobotomy

Back from having his appendix out, nothing has changed in Hanky Land (except that I am hearing strong rumors of his intent/desire to sell hankybuzz.com)

Has anyone suggested, or heard a thought that says Cliff is out there trying to deal Kaberle right now? Didn’t think so. The one thing I have read is from Hanky writer Happy Howie Berger that Kaberle probably regrets not waiving it last year and likely would this year at the deadline. Which, I happen to think is true.

Meanwhile in Hankyland we get:

“On Kaberle being moved from the Leafsā€¦

Just say No. It will not happen. As of now, there is no way he is waiving. Things can change, but know this: As much as it took to get McCabe to accept a deal, it will take ten times that to get Kaberle to accept one. He wants to retire a Leaf plain and simple. He will either re-sign in Toronto or play in Sweden I am told, but he will not be a rental. Not in his blood at all.”

Of all the dumb shit this guy writes, this may take the case. Sorry, the leafs trading for Jay Bouwmeester, that was dumbest thing ever. In any even this is way up the list. He may want to retire a leaf, but should the buds not make the playoffs, as expected this year, his NTC is temporarily gone, and I would be wiling to bet so will he. As for the not in his blood… A certain former captain that used to wear #13 for the Leafs said the same thing. Yet, people a hell of a lot smarter then me, one, who’s name rhymes with “girdle” has the Rent A Sundin sign out for the whole world to see…. Look, all joking aside. Why are we talking about this on October 27th? He isn’t being traded now, he isn’t being asked to waive his no trade now. So if you are trying to drum up leaf news to boost your UV’s to increase value for the sale of hankybuzz, try something moderately on the plausible side…

Hanky rides again, ruining bloggers everywhere

Remember he is only reporting what he hears….so when he writes trash like this:

“A source informed me early this morning that he believes all is set for Mats to become a NYR and that a deal has been worked out regarding players to be moved to open up cap space. Now there looks to be two stumbling blocks.

Mats deciding to play is one of the blocks of course…the other is the NHLPA saying they will extend the contract with the NHL (what appears to be a certainty and looks to be happening around September 15th).

Sept 15th….huh…so I guess the groundhog has indeed seen his shadow and we could be looking at three more weeks of Mats rumours…”

We shouldn’t be surprised when respectable columnists like Kevin Paul Dupont report this:

“Nonetheless, Kelly in October will start his tour of the NHL’s 30 clubs, and the CBA’s termination clause will be front and center in the meetings. All players will be asked to fill out a confidential ballot, whether to strike the deal dead or extend it three more seasons. The final tally will be forwarded to the NHLPA’s executive board.”

So lets do some simple math, if Kelly is going to start his tour in October, and assume he can see 2 teams per day in each of one location, then how can he be done by September 15th? Also, if this isn’t going to happen until at least October 15th (which I highly doubt it will be done that quickly) then can this really be the issue holding up the Sundin decision or Hanky’s claim that “This is also believed to be the hold up with the signings of Selanne and Shanahan.”

The examples of Mr. Hanky just simply spewing crap is everywhere….

how about this gem:

“A source VERY connected to the ongoing discussions around Jay Bouwmeester has just informed me that the Panthers have let it be known that Jay will NOT be moved prior to the season.”

No shit Dick Tracy….everyone with a brain has been saying that since oh, I don’t know EVER!!! Trading JB now makes no sense at all….

That posts comes only hours after Hanky wrote this gem:
“”We are talking anything from it falling apart to Bouwmeester in Toronto,” my source told me.” The it being the McCabe deal to Florida.

Truth be told, he or it keeps saying that it is job to just report what he hears….Here is a novel idea, if in fact you are hearing anything, try and filter out the crap (that means 99.9%) of what you are reporting. Why? Well to start, you bring the entire blogosphere down with you and that is too bad. There are some great bloggers out there who are being tarnished b the junk you write….

Too bad about our Jays….such a fun couple of weeks it has been. It was nice when it lasted and it was so refreshing to be talking about a meaningful game on August 24th, the latest date in recent memory….

Yawn, has Sundin announced his retirement yet????

Florida Panther’s D star, Jay Bouwmeester signs 1 year deal with the Panthers

Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but here is the latest…1 yr deal avoiding arbitration:

more details here

probably takes him off the block for a while.