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Sunday’s Funnies (quotes of the early day)

Here are a few of my favorite things this am:

“No kidding the Coyotes operate under an onerous lease. But that’s exactly what previous owner Steve Ellman signed on for in exchange for his land-grab in Glendale, which was exactly the wrong spot to build a new arena and everyone but everyone knew it. Ellman didn’t care. He got his land. But now the NHL is supposed to bail out the franchise? Now the NHL is supposed to pump money into an organization that, somehow, is paying head coach Wayne Gretzky more than $5.5M this year and will pay Gretzky between $7-and-8M next season?” Larry Brooks

With the players taking the hit that they are, the count should expect long and hard questions about the league finances and the propping up of teams who do just enough to qualify for large revenue sharing payments. The ethical appearances of the league this day are all wrong.

“When Garth Snow talks about expanding the Islanders’ fan base in explaining why the team is playing a preseason game in Kansas City and spending the opening week of training camp in Saskatoon, it sounds like nothing more than an insult to the suffering fan base on Long Island. What is it about going to work in a suit and tie rather than in illegal pads that has turned Snow from an insightful, candid fellow into a suspicious, uptight individual?” Larry Brooks

Nothing like good old fashioned blackmail. Anyone else remember the Kansas City Blades of the IHL? Quick, when you think of hot potential NHL markets how many list KC in your top 25? The folks in government should tell the isles to build their own damned arena…Look around people, this isn’t the time for governments to be handing out checks to the likes of Charles Wong…. Poney up Charles and build your own building your fans deserve it.

“This Ron Wilson “we won, they lost” attitude in public will last only as long as his dressing room doesn’t erupt against him. There is much to like about Wilson — and who wouldn’t want a boss that rewards hard work and accomplishment? — but lately, he’s tripping over himself in public.” Steve Simmons

I agree. This we suck thing is going to get very stale in the locker room sooner rather then later. Coaches want to be part of the us vs. them mentality along with their players. Kind of hard to establish that when you slaughter your guys in public all the time. Take shots at the media, bash your players in private, man stand up for your guys just a little bit.

“How tough is it to get a hockey scholarship at a top U.S. college? Well, consider this: The top 10 ranked teams in the NCAA have only 15 Ontario players of the 250 or so on their rosters.” Steve Simmons

It used to be parents dreamed about the NHL. Now it’s a us scholarship. Let your kids have fun and stop pressing them to be all that you weren’t!

“When Doug Gilmour’s jersey is honoured at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday night, his Kingston Frontenacs players will be in attendance. But he had nothing to do with getting them tickets. Turns out, Mike Zigomanis of the Penguins, as a goodwill gesture to his former junior team and knowing nothing of the Gilmour ceremony, bought 34 tickets for the Fronts players to watch the Pens play. Now they get to see Zigomanis play and watch their coach honoured on the same night” Steve Simmons-

Why, would Gilmour lie about this? Seriously, I don’t get it.

“Donny (Doc) Lyons, the loudest, most opinionated, most inflexible and maybe most interesting sports fan in Toronto, has lost his fight with cancer. The owner of the popular House of Chan and longtime coach will be missed by all who have sparred with him and been charmed by him. He was a one-of-a-kind character in a city of too few” Steve Simmons

The house that Chan built won’t be the same…

“Boo hoo: Overpaid millionaire NHL players have to take a 13.5% paycut in the first half of the season and some have the nerve to squawk about it. Tell that to the autoworkers in Oshawa or the half-million Americans who lost their jobs in December” Steve Simmons

You knew it was coming and it is 100% accurate. This is why the players didn’t re-open the CBA.


Cox on Killer; Burke on Belak

It doesn’t a whole lot, so when Damien writes nice things about someone it’s newsworthy.

In today’s star Damien has a feel good piece about Doug Gilmour, the former Maple Leaf captain. Someone correct me if i am wrong, but when was the last time a captain retired a maple leaf (even if he wasn’t captain when he retired). Gilmour is having a tough time with his new coaching gig in Kingston, his record is 4-22 since taking over. With a record like that, perhaps Brian should give Ron a sabbatical and let Doug take over for the rest of the year! Meanwhile, it is good to see Doug is earning a buck, learning a trade. Granted the one big take away from Cox’s article is that Doug has a lot of ex-wives and kids from each:

“He now lives most of the time at his lakeside cottage in Kingston, five doors down from where he grew up. He shares the house with his fiancĂ©e, Sonja, and the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, Victoria.”

ok- so that is 1 fiance and 1 daughter

“With sons Jake and Tyson living with Amy in Toronto, he treks back and forth along the 401 every weekend, leaving Sunday afternoons after Kingston home games and heading back on Tuesday mornings.”

Ok so, Amy is wife #2 and Jake and Tyson are kids two and three….

“His daughter from his first marriage, Madison, lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her partner, Detroit Red Wings prospect Evan McGrath.”

Ok, so this would be a reference to wife #1 and his fourth child….

In any event, Killer remains a HUGE fan favorite, who can forget the goal he scored against the St. Louis blues from behind the net against one Curtis Joseph!

It’s nice to see that Doug is looking forward to the upcoming ceremony at the ACC, he bought tickets for all his players too:

“”It’s probably the biggest thing to happen to me, even though winning the Stanley Cup was important,” he said.

“I almost want to videotape it myself.”

He was, of course, an unforgettable hockey hero in Toronto who defied the limitations of his size to nearly lift the team to a Cup on the basis of his indomitable will.

He’ll be honored in a city that wonders when the likes of him will be seen here again.

On that same subject, Greg Brady talked to Brian Burke about the buds honoring Wade Belak the other night. Burke held firm, he fully supported this and by the sounds of it, we can expect more of the same down the road. Maybe Damien was right, get ready for Alex Steen and Carlo tributes the next time they are in town. Good interview, worth listening to:
you have to click on Brian Burke interview

You can read Cox here

If Nothing Else Give Doug Gilmour Credit

He may never amount to much as a coach, however Doug Gilmour deserves a lot of credit for taking a job as a head coach in the OHL with Kingston. To go back to that level is a serious commitment from a guy like Doug. Bus trips, dealing with kids (and their parents) is not a glamorous life nor an easy one. I know lots of critics who said he would never do the right thing, take the necessary steps and learn how to be a coach from the bottom up. Well, he has show them hasn’t he.

Good on him