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Kaberle, Modano, Hull, Avery, Rentals, Caps & Raps… Oh My

I love this quote from Bruce Arthur. Can’t you just picture the scene in the Leafs locker-room, all the regular’s are gathered around Kaberle’s locker, they ask him about his NTC:

“”We haven’t spoke about anything, and obviously my status stays the same,” Kaberle said with an air of finality. “We can talk about tonight’s game if you guys want to.”

After a pause, one sharp reporter said, “Not really.”

That is right out of a SNL skit… whom do you think the “sharp reporter” 10:1 Howie 5:1 Jonas

Oh to be on the Dallas Stars next flight with Modano and Brett Hull… Let’s see, sitting in 11 a is Mike Modano, here is your boarding pass and in 11 C is Brett Hull, here you go…

“”I think we would have analyzed (the signing) a little bit more over the summer before you go into the free-agent market. Do a little more homework and detailed analysis (and get the opinions) of players who have played with him, or how guys feel about it,” said Wednesday the 19-year veteran.
“It could have been avoided, I think, but I think (co-GM) Brett (Hull) felt having him as a teammate (while with the Detroit Red Wings), he saw something in him. “Talent-wise, he’s a very skilled kid. But I think character-wise and his personality didn’t blend with the criteria that we’ve always had as Dallas Stars. Since Bob Gainey was here, we implemented a kind of personality and character-figure in Tom Hicks. That’s kind of where it went off and tail-spinned, and got corrected.”

One word…. Ouch…Gotta love when a guy like Modano suggests that maybe, just maybe it would be a good idea to do some , ummmm, what’s the word for it, oh yeah HOMEWORK before signing a player…. The fact that he references Bob Gainey is even more classic.

Good job of accumulating a list of rental players from Kevin Allen in his USA Today hockey blog:
Jay Bouwmeester (Florida)
Keith Tkachuk (St. Louis Blues)
Mathieu Schneider (Atlanta)
Andy McDonald (St. Louis)
Nik Antropov (Toronto)
Doug Weight (New York Islanders)
Bill Guerin (New York Islanders)
Gaborik (Minnesota)
Maxim Afinogenov (Buffalo)
Sean O’Donnell (Los Angeles)

Another great quote: “Citing declining sales, the CBC has pulled out as a carrier of Toronto Blue Jays telecasts.” William Houston, Globe and Mail. There is no surprise that the CBC balked at a rate of $150k per game to broadcast the Jays games. “Beeston said 145 of the Jays’ 162 games will be televised, 125 on Sportsnet, which is owned by Jays proprietor Rogers Communications, and 20 on TSN.” By the way, did anyone else here this gem from Mr. Beeston while on with Pad Thai (Watters) and Brady ” I am almost finished writing up the job description for Blue Jays President.” Please, someone tell me just how long that should take and what Mr. Beeston (whom I am a huge fan of) has been doing since he took the job???? I guess with the rate of signings and trades he realizes there is no rush to do…..ummmmmm, anything

A subject that drives Howard Berger nuts seems to have been resolved in the media’s favor in Montreal:

“Growing weary of widespread rumours and gossip surrounding injured players, Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau on Wednesday said anyone sidelined indefinitely will now have the nature of their injuries released to the media. No longer will the team report such players have upper- or lower-body injuries.Carbonneau said the decision was reached following a meeting between himself, general manager Bob Gainey, vice-president (hockey operations) Julien BriseBois and the team’s communications department.”

I have heard the arguments from both sides. The anti-reveal argument is if you reveal a player’s injury the opposing teams will attack that injury every chance they can. The pro-reveal argument is simply, we have a job to do and you shouldn’t hide information from us. If the former is true then the injuries shouldn’t be revealed, the hell with the latter.

Tonight’s shows on both stations were the worst I have heard since I have been pre-viewing/reviewing the drive home radio shows on both the Fan and 640, The interview with Steve Nash was pretty dull and almost unlistenable seeing how Nash sounded like he was in an aquarium for it. Kudos to Mccown and Kelley for interviewing an athlete (they rarely do) and for admitting that they taped it earlier (not that it would have made a difference to any of us listening), which they also rarely do. Those who preceded Nash and followed were equally as uninteresting. Over on 640 the lineup with the exception of Dean Lombardi was really dull. Perhaps it was the cold weather, but it seemed to be a night when both stations should have punted. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

You know the old saying about a sucker being born every second…
“Sources say the team is expected to be sold within the next two months with current owner Jerry Moyes retaining as much as 20 percent.” That according to Darren Dreger, speaking on the issue of the Phoenix Coyotes. With all the issues facing this team, most importantly a 30 year lease with brutal terms (no parking revenue for the team AND a share of each ticket sold being shared with the city) it’s hard to phathom who would buy the team. That is not to suggest that the team isn’t valuable. Truth is many would leaf fans would gladly change rosters wth the Yotes in a heartbeat… Why someone would buy this team is beyond me…especially right now…

Hats off to Jay Triano for finding Andrea Bargnani’s game. Man, anyone else see him put up 31 tonight in another loosing effort?? Quite an impressive showing for the Big Euro.

If you are a hockey fan, you had to watch, with a smile on your face the play as the Caps defeated the Pens 6-3 tonight. Way to go AO and my adopted 2nd team the Washington Capitals!

Have a good night all


Pierre McGuire is out to Lunch

A good F@#@!#@#!@#! freezing morning to all of you in Toronto. WOW it is cold out there today. Just heard Rick Ralph’s update and he had a clip of TSN insider Pierre McGuire telling leaf fans to not freak out about losing and that although we have never been through this before and it doesn’t feel like it now, it’s all for the better.

What the F!@#@!#!@#! is he smoking. We have been through it before. OK- so it,losing has never been “plan”, but we have lost way worse then this in the past! This is WAY easier to stomach. This year we are losing when we were told we would. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this season was going to be like. The difference between this year and last year is that in years past we had overpaid veterans who realized worse results then the current guys. The only time anyone with a brain gets mad this year is when they lose with no effort.

Mats Sundin Choices Are Clear…

This is getting nuts…everyone trying to be first, making announcements on what Sundin has decided. Sportsnet ran a story that it was a done deal then yanked it. Do people think at this point the public cares who gets the story first? One claims they have the scoop, the other gets a denial. Give me a break… Here at TSM we are proud to present Mat’s choices….

Door Number 1

Door Number 1

Door #2

Door #2

Or…my personal choice…

Door #3

Door #3

Canucks Believe Sundin Decision is “Imminent”

Vancouver Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis told a Vancouver sports radio station that he believes “Gillis told the TEAM 1040 in Vancouver that he is meeting with Sundin and his agent J.P. Barry over the next couple of days to make a final push for the Swede’s services.

Gillis believes that Sundin will make a final decision within the next 10 days and remains confident that the Canucks are still in the running.

“Everything from our perspective has been positive with him from day one,” Gillis told the TEAM. “He explained in detail how he felt about the situation he was in and I completely appreciate it. I’ve represented players who have been in similar situations and I understand and appreciate it. From where our team is today, I think he’d be the perfect fit for our group. He brings something to the table that would enhance our offense and enhance the leadership stuff that we are so focused on. Yeah, we’re hoping that he’ll come our way.”

Here’s hoping he decides soon, and I for one would be thrilled to see him play in Vancouver. If the rumblings are true that Chicago is the other option, well, that would be fantastic too.

you can read the rest of the story here

Fletcher: No Plans To Meet Sundin

Just suffered through the end of the Thursday night NFL game to hear what TSN had to say about Cirque De Burke and tonight’s Bud battle with the sens (ugly uniforms batman!)…. Dreger just said again, no deal has been signed (but it will be tomorrow…PHEW). He also said that he had talked to Cliff Fletcher who said that contrary to printed/published reports he has NO plans to meet with Sundin while in LA…

Once again someone has some splanin to do! Raise your hands if you think his agent is trying to drum up interest.

I know many of you want Sundin back but I just can’t see it happening for any plausible reason. While Cliff may have an attachment to him (and that doesn’t convince me he wants him back) I am sure Wilson doesn’t have an attachment and more positive that Burke (armed with his autonomy clause) has even less… As Kipper and Stellick said during tonight’s game why bring him back so they finish 8 points higher??? It makes no sense…It goes against everything they have tried to do so far…..

I still say a lot of this talk is agent driven….

For those who watched the game, any chance we can trade Vesa tomorrow? Man was he awesome tonight. Did anyone else think Antropov has hands of stone? How many times did the guy miss- not come close- but completely miss????

Is Bobby Clarke Well?

No seriously folks, did anyone hear him on TSN last night??? Rick Ralph over at the fan was playing the clip on his long updates this am. For those of you who didn’t the guy actually had the balls to express concern about Burke coming to Toronto because, get this, Burke and Wilson may take away from the media presence of the players and the players may not like that! What a joke! He then said that Wilson has already started this trend (by being more of the story then his players) and Burke could make it worse. Clarke did say that he wasn’t sure this actually would be a problem because Burke was a bright guy…..

Ok folks, on this thanksgiving day, I am not sure where to begin with this (as my 6 year old would say) TURKEY BRAIN!!!! In your lives have you ever seen a bigger media whore then Bobby Clarke???? Think about his career only as an executive with the Flyers and other team, did anyone love the spotlight more as a GM then he did? He was the story when he was in Florida. He was the Story in Philadelphia. For him to suggest this could be problematic is way beyond the pot calling the kettle black…. What he should have said was ” If they wanted a real GM they should have hired me”. I would have a hell of a lot more respect for that honesty then this…….

Cirque De Burke

Some things that amused me this am…

1. Did anyone catch Cox on TSN last night before the Thrashers game? The host did refer to him as the Devil Cox right?

2. Did anyone notice that between 6pm and 8pm the Star changed the headline on Cox’s article from Done Deal to All But Done?

3. Did anyone notice this quote from today’s article by Damien “Headline writers, sharpen your pencils.”
Don’t think for one second that this line isn’t intentional. If nothing else the guy is human and the fact that the headline got switched and then he wrote this is not a coincidence.

4. Did anyone notice some interesting notes on both Burke and Wilson in that coloumn by Damien, really good insight:

“Wilson is among the most cerebral of coaches. He’ll talk to you at length about being “bi-handed” like Brett Hull and how brain functions allow left-handers to shoot right-handed effectively. He loves HBO’s Mad Men and reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm, thought it was fitting to have Jamal Mayers take a ceremonial faceoff for the Leafs to commemorate the historic election of Barack Obama and loves to have evening Skype teleconference sessions with his 2-year-old grandchild. Burke, a father of six, believes in beginning all discussions with a verbal equivalent of a ball-peen hammer to the forehead. He loves rum and arguments and is the ultimate partisan, fiercely protective of his players.While friends, they aren’t exactly soulmates and have very different core beliefs on the sport. Burke loves blood ‘n’ guts hockey, while Wilson was the finesse player who competed in Europe and relies on brains and computers to coach. Wilson’s worst habit, according to some who have worked with him, is to start referring to “I” too much when the going gets tough and his players as “they.” Burke is a “we” and “us” guy but also a first-class manipulator of the media.”

I think everyone thought that because they were buddies from a past life this would be a marriage made in heaven. Certainly this could get interesting.

5. Did anyone else notice the non-issue of reporting structure? Others seem to think this is a huge deal. The reality is Burke, like any other executive have to report to someone. Damien gets it right here too:

“Among the last details to be worked out centred around the chain of command within Toronto’s front office and the management structure. There was a question as to whether Burke would report directly to the MLSE board on a regular basis, or to a senior executive, such as Peddie. That, it is believed, was not a sticking point or a worry to Burke since he had to “manage up” during his days running the Canucks and Ducks.”

Until you become owner, you have to report to someone so this managing up is never the problem that people think it is.

6. Did anyone else notice that Happy Howie took another swipe at his media breathern, but this time got it right?:

“Exactly why several of my media colleagues have insisted on pinpointing an exact date and time in the past week escapes me, other than to be in position to claim “We told you so first” (forever important in this business). Given that Brian Burke has not yet been anointed – two weeks after his departure from Anaheim – implies that negotiations with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment have bogged down several times. In fact, that may not be the case at all. What is likely at play here is a tremendously complicated deal – far different than the type MLSE has ever granted a hockey employee. The level of authority; the term, and the compensation Burke is seeking requires that both sides be more than content over the long haul, and this sort of business arrangement doesn’t happen quickly, even in the presence of mutual interest. The amount of legal inspection, alone, is enough to prolong such an ordeal and it’s almost certain that the Leafs and Burke are merely working through an involved and complex arrangement.
But, this union has been “in the air” for more than a year and it is going to happen… be it tomorrow, Saturday, or a week from now. The time-frame is hardly a factor.”

He hasn’t said it lately, but Howie was the first to raise the possibility of Burke leaving Anaheim a long time ago, long before anyone else raised the issue. Is that what is behind the common sense revolution on his part?

7.Did anyone else notice the continued support on the hiring from Mr. Simmons?:

” Which is why Brian Burke has been the perfect fit for the Leafs from the moment it was determined that Ken Holland wasn’t playing in this game. There was nobody else. There was nobody else who has shown this kind of creativity, forcefulness, vision, anger: Great teams rarely are built on convention. They are built on moxie and good fortune, on sound management and a gambler’s spirit. So how and where does Burke start with these Maple Leafs — assuming he will be announced on Saturday as president and general manager of the club. He will have six years to fix this mess. He will get rich (a contract likely worth more than $17 million US) — hopefully the city and its fans also will be enriched. This isn’t like hiring John Ferguson. This isn’t a guess. This is an investment. This is a chance for an organization that has been too laughable for too long to finally do things right.”

We need to remember this when things appear (that is APPEAR) to he heading south for when the hounds come out..

” Burke will listen to Dave Nonis, who likely is to join him in Toronto, to Cliff Fletcher, the adviser, to Joe Nieuwendyk, the young study, and to his old friend and coach, Ron Wilson. Like Wilson, he will demand accountability, from every player, from every employee. He will be loud and forceful and loyal and protective and occasionally — see Todd Bertuzzi — blind. But he won’t be complacent, or outworked. He will roll up his sleeves and get busy — the kind of values Toronto applauded Wendel Clark for — this time as general manager and president. The stage will be his come the weekend. Time for the show to begin.”

That is why he is the right guy at the right time. Perfect? No one is. Sounds like he brings in the right people and lets them do their jobs. Isn’t it about time we had that here?

8. Anyone else notice how Matt Stajan has bought in to the new system?:

” Matt Stajan is another player who could have met a similar fate, but when he found himself benched, he took a different route. Unlike his departed pals, Stajan clued in and quickly turned into more than a useful player.Besides busting his butt on a nightly basis, he’s on a point- a-game clip, far ahead of anything he’s done previously in his career.”They said changes were coming, so you can’t really say you didn’t expect it,” Stajan said. “You just didn’t know how it was going to happen.”When (Burke) comes in, if he comes in, that’s a different situation. Who knows what he does? I’m sure any new GM is going to try to make the team better in the way they want it to be.”

Rob Longley of the Sun is right about Stajan. Of the younger old guys he is the one who got it right. Does that mean he stays for a long time? I have no clue, but, you have to think Ron Wilson is at least a little bit impressed.

9. Did anyone notice little but AP content on this story from either ESPN or Foxsports??

10. Did anyone notice the excellent article on Felix Potvin at Espn.com?”

Felix is an assistant coach with a kids youth team. This is both a good story and an excellent read. You can find it here

11. Finally, my best quote for this is, someone just told Jason Blake who the next GM of the Leafs is…can anyone top it?:

Jason Blake

Jason Blake